You KNEW Something Wasn’t Right

Something is very wrong with corporate media. On my latest podcast I spoke with Batya Ungar-Sargon, author of “Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy” about the reasons corporate media doesn’t represent ordinary people.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Corruption lol you only have to look at Mr Ruppert Murdoch for corruption a man that controlled the law services for his own needs a man that got caught spying on people phone tapping etc if this had been you , you would be in prison for the crimes but because he's part of organisations corporations and industries he gets a free ticket he's a billion where the law doesn't apply to him he pays to uses loopholes. Politicians bend over for him .

  2. OMG! That orange guy was right after all.

    Nice that Russell gives him credit. Orange dude broke the media. Deep state too. Dems and repubs too.

    Orange man broke a lot of things, didn’t he?

  3. A majority of the American elected officials have LONG been corrupted!! Specific agendas R put above others using $$$ & bull$hit promises of power (which is false) as the fuel 4 using the citizens 4 THIER personal nefarious agendas. They 4get who they once were, their humanity has been stripped from them

  4. Russell, maybe in the near future you could have Santos Bonacci as a guest, and he could enlighten individuals about NASA being a farce, and the flat planet we live on. His knowledge is mind-blowing, and doesn't end there, he's literally changed my life. I believe you'll become the best of friends, you're pretty amazing as well. It's all about energy, vibrations, and surrounding ourselves with higher frequencies.

  5. Dude. Listen to yourself talk and contrast it to how your guest talks.
    She showed us something. She told a story.
    You didn't. It actually sounded more like verbal gymnastics was more important to you than actually communicating.
    Take notes from your guest.

  6. Hey Russell why don’t you talk about a military facility that has US nukes in it and they were just raided for a giant meth lab I think it’s in Belgium who is Russell look that up and give us a little more information on it if you would God bless you all

  7. Yep, and the Depp heard case exposed it brilliantly. Online vs MSM. Two totally opposing conclusions. One informative the other obfuscating. Moreover it highlighted the hypocrisy of Assanges plight with the US' own Constitutional 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. I hope they challenge the UK case and take down the Scum & Murdoch

  8. Excellent talk. I am not up to date on this, but are there still radical toned media outlets. I remember the Village Voice, for example. Were there ever enough readers to shift political thought, I wonder, or was it a small niche?Do you think people would read something like that today?

    One minor point, I think most immigrants came hoping for a better life. I had already lived in America for 25 years before I decided to become a citizen based on the words on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial. Many refugges came fleeing conditions in their home country or were displaced by famine, persecution, war or economic condions. They came in waves, first the German, then the Irish, etc. The newest wave was predomonant in the public specticle of boxing rings.

  9. My neighbor today after they had returned from a trip to montana – "I was suprised how white it was there… and there were so many gun shops… I don't remember it like that but I don't think I like it as much now". LOL why oh why can't liberals understand the hipocrazy of white directed racism.

  10. The Story: Apparently this standup comic (Kate Quigley) is not alone in her relationship with the offspring (Hunter Biden) she has made news with since her near death. Apparently there is also a dead porn star and another porn star who was the roommate of the now dead one. Why do I bring this up? Because the still alive porn star is about to sell her story and I wanted to tell the story first. I didn't think anyone would actually pay her her asking price for the story because it is really the story of the dead roommate who used to have sex and do drugs with the offspring. Yes, the still alive porn star did the same, but never heard the story directly from the offspring. The offspring was doing business with someone (Christopher Heinz) in the condiment industry. Things were becoming rather dicey and some money was taken from some people who most definitely wanted it back. This is why you shouldn't do drugs and try and rip off people's money at the same time. It looked like for awhile, the people wanted to kill the offspring to get their money back. Our offspring reached out to one of the guys who used to deal arms and had a movie made about them from a magazine article. The porn star didn't know which of the two, but one of them. That person knew the guy who was trying to kill the offspring. The person who was supposed to get the money from the offspring or kill him decided to make a deal, but he needed a body for his boss. I can totally see everything happening up to this point. It is this next part, that I would need to see more proof, but the people buying the story, perhaps have it? A homeless man was killed and then burned beyond recognition. There is your body. The reason I don't believe the last part is our offspring is a known face and wasn't going into hiding, so the fake body thing wouldn't work. The porn star's logic is that it was done to buy enough time to get the rest of the money. Kate Quigley/Hunter Biden/Christopher Heinz (Hunter Biden's business partnership with John Kerry's stepson DISSOLVED because he thought VP's son taking board seat at Ukrainian energy company for $50,000 per month was a dumb idea)

  11. The media and the communist govt are in it together add the law enforcement from top to bottom this includes judges prosecutors and all in between all corrupt

  12. The problem is far deeper than just the journalists, look at who OWNS the companies themselves, it's no longer media tycoons, it's the corporate stooges like Musk, Gates and Zuckerberg who have bought them all out.

  13. Watching this makes me want to listen to Amy Winehouse for some reason. Awesome again Russell. Happy 4th everyone! Just got the local dispensary special, bogo 1/4s for $60! It's boosting the economy baby!

  14. People only know what they are taught, what is mainstream media teaching..
    Mainstream media…" red light .. 🔴".
    Think about what you are trying to teach others!!
    Live Life and Love Life ❣️ 🫂 ❣️ I am just a shadow without doubt 🌞👣🌞
    ♡ remember our precious children ♡
    Confucius says that we all get two lives, with the second beginning as soon as we realize that we only have one
    Wonderful and beautiful day's ahead Y'all

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