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  1. or C, if someone is willing to put in front of you an ultimatum where you must choose between you relationship with them and your hobby, they have decided that you are not allowed to have your hobby while with them and they are the toxic part of that relationship. could you be spending too much time with your hobby, maybe, but as soon as it comes to it is me or it the other person has decided to forgo all other options to earn your attention. it is not childish to see a statement as "it is me or the playstation" and walk away with the playstation. just as it would not be childish if a person declared "it is me or the car" and you leaving with your project car, or "it is me or the book" and you walking away with the manuscript of your grandfather's biography. Ultimatum Bargaining is almost never in the right especially in a relationship.

  2. He's saying "But you pay for OnlyFans" like he isn't into some weird niche shit too. There's stuff out there that's damn hard to find unless you're willing to pay for it. Shelling out ten bucks a month is a hell of a lot easier than the alternative, so shut y'ass up.

  3. hey for me the pandemic isnt all that bad, i dont care about any rules, i dont do any of that and i dont mind isolation. In fact i love my solitude and im never happier than when imalone

  4. Just a tip for ya, if you gonna pay for something in counterfeit bills its best to pay for drugs or something illegal, they never check it and afterwards they dont knoe who it was lol

  5. Many leftie women of today not only drink and smoke, they also take numerous drugs – I think the drug taking should be mentioned.
    We also have so many aged or over-weight parents trying to chemically conceive it's no wonder we have so many disturbed children with attention deficit disorders, so called hyper-activity disorders (just normal boys being energetic), asbergers and all sorts of mental problems including health disabilities allergies, asthma, over-eating, and a real treasure trove of neurotic behaviours to help excuse them from living a full working life – Mom probably didn't so why should they.
    It's almost as if these children have been genetically modified to live in the welfare system – It's working very well anyway.
    Mothers rarely drank alcohol years ago because they had the responsibility of making sure the kids were OK.
    Ahhh…the good old normal days. Thanks for the laughs – I hate to say it but things are worse than you know really. Regards.

  6. Oh my God! Seriously! I watched Demolition man the other week and sent Dennis Leary’s rant to everyone. It was mind blowing how the movie predicted now. Watch Demolition Man again and have your mind blown.

  7. Yeah, wellcome to.prophecy, for the gov of oregon has removed basic skill test requirements, reading, writting, math, so that minorities can graduate, no more gpa, no more school discovered geniuses, instead, the dummying of America has begun, mediocre everybody gets an award, without qualification, blending into not thinking automones, example, everybody get a shot, made by different companies, different efficacy rate, yet everybody get a shot, blending into a single resource for……??