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  1. 4:39: Should the dallas cowgirls win a superbowl, one of our local sports-guys has promised to WALK from here in The Glorious Heroic Peoples' Revolutionary Soviet of Austin all the way to Big D! That's 200 miles or maybe a little farther… [But he can put his walking shoes away as long as "Big Jerry" is still the self-proclaimed Emperor of the dallas cowgirls…]

  2. Lol… I joined the military for free college!!! I knew back then how to ‘beat the system’. ? If only the realized a little service goes a long way.

  3. I fell in a lake, with my phone, a few years back. Lost access to FB and haven't been back. Thinking I might need to create a page for business purposes though.

  4. Re the fishing; my father told me that he got me into skiing because he said I'd need a well paying job to be able to afford to do it.

    He also loved skiing.

  5. To @Zuby, I did have a woman plumber once…….she told me she needed to call her dad. She was using a two way radio and dad wasn’t pleased to be called on the problem. Kept using the company but never saw HER again????

  6. I work as a plumber in construction… I have seen some women being plumbers… In fact, there is two I am currently working with… One is a lesbian, and the other is almost to sweet to do this…

  7. Meme with Guy who says he’ll never listen to someone who is wearing mask on profile pic then next meme is schmuck Schumer watching oscars and his profile pic was with him wearing mask…perfect.

  8. I noted whenever I hit the thumbs up I have to hit it three or four times to get it to darken. Then after about five or 10 minutes it’s not dark and anymore so I have to hit it again. They are keeping you from knowing how many people are viewing this wonderful humorous video

  9. Build back better.? TRUMP DID IT. We were selling oil to other countries.. biden stopped it all. OIL ,THE WALL , incentives for people to go back to work . No luck with the left.. Just keep paying people to stay home…. deeper and deeper in debt we go… get as many out in 2022……

  10. The needle exchange program in California was initiated in order to stop the spread of HIV, but now it's legal not to inform your partner that you're HIV positive.
    That's California for you!