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  1. Pelosi is doing the modified sign that Biden did, the used to be okay sign. But as we all know Because Bret Cavenau and Trump used the same sign it s really the white supremacy sign.

  2. I’m not even done watching and I’m so offended already…flats are amazing. My husband and I have a favorite wing place and he used to give me his flats and I’d give him the drums…now he says no and they won’t separate them for me so I hate him…

  3. Guy stands for six hours so his wife can rest. You never know what a person is going through. The man that stood up for her to sleep did. He knew what she needed. That's how marriages work, you stand when the other can't.

  4. Here's my question… Were there Dollar Store's out there that were still actually charging one dollar for things before this latest wave of inflation? Or has Tyler just never been to the Dollar Store? Lol

  5. Prices and inflation have skyrocketed ridiculous measures since oBUMa and the global cabal that he serves st0Ie 2o2o for biDUMB….
    oh, but thats all merely coincidence and just part and partial. – the liberal excuse everytime

  6. @6:15*FLATS!*
    Not even close! You pop the flat on your tongue, reach in and tug out the two small bones, then just chew and let it slide down your throat.
    Damn, I'd trade one of my ex-wife's kidneys for a plate of buffalo wings right about now. *Both* kidneys for a plate of all flats.