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  1. Bernie Madoff with peoples money from the 1970s until he was sentenced on 2009. Bernie ran his scam for 40 plus years!!!
    Bit Coin is every bit a scam as Bernie!
    I invested in a job, And now that I'm retired, I'm reaping from a Pension and Social Security.
    Regardless of what Bitcoin is or isn't, Invest in a Non Work Related 401k or another retirement plan also.

  2. in 1860, what became the fed approached Pres. Lincoln and he said, no, we will print US dollar bills. And he was shot in the head, next to his wife, in public.

    In 1960 Pres. Kennedy stated that he wanted to negate the need for the fed and start printing US dollar bills. He was shot in the head, next to his wife, in public.

    Pres, Reagan, elected in 1980, briefly flirted with the idea of negating the need for the fed. Hinkley got within 20 feet of him and he got a love tap. (This makes more sense when you realize that since Lincoln, no one gets within 100 feet of the president who is not already cleared. Read any book, I have read two, from secret service agents that worked the presidential detail.)

    Anyway, so, we all love the fed, I think. And what would we do if we printed national currency? What is going to back up that currency? That is the other side of the equation. Let's pretend we woke up tomorrow and there was no more fed. What then? Sometimes, you have to stick with what you have because the alternative could be worse. Just ask Libya.

  3. Quick explanation of the "zero dollars" claim. If you look at the fine print, it will add zero dollars to the national debt. Since none of the money will be borrowed, the only other sources of income are tariffs and tax increases, and you know they aren't going to raise tariff rates on China.

  4. I actually went out till 6, jumped in the shower to be at work at 7 and I am a landscaper.
    So no easy deskjob, but somehow it all went sour by the time I had kids.
    Might be the booze, or the lack of sleep from a baby, but it was soon over.
    Now I am in bed by 7 🤣😂😅

  5. 6:12

    Broken promises.

    I’ve lived through 9 or 10 presidents… maybe 11.. (was baby)

    One President kept his promises… and somehow half the nation hated him thanks to lies and media willingness to push those lies.


  6. There is another acceptable time to pour cereal in milk… it’s when you are low on milk and you don’t want to ratio to be off. Milk in add cereal to satisfaction.

  7. Oh man, I was just talking to my family about drying Elmer’s glue on my palm & peeling it off. Shedding snake! None of them remember doing that. I feel better now.

  8. I love the Christmas Season, but always wait until after Thanksgiving. My way of kicking off the Christmas Season is watching The Santa Clause right after Thanksgiving Dessert.

  9. everyone is immigrants, does not mean anything at all. multiculturalism is not real, if enforced it is evil, bloody and temporary. any land has a certain capacity and usa/new world too, so times before a land is filled is very different to when a land is full and can begin to become a real country. this should be pretty fucking easy to understand for even toddlers. just stop moving large peoplegroups around the world on a whim, that is literally the single reason for all historic wars, sickness and all real problems, EVER! Just focus on beign good neighbours and make the world a good decent neighbourhood where people dont steal, invade etc other families houses, lawns and fences. All the same principles apply to the global scene as it does the local scene.

  10. For your podcast, cover the story where a guy applied at so many jobs who kept saying that they needed workers, yet, 76% of the places he applied at, never called him

  11. We took my 4 kids to the dollar movies just after they were all potty trained and forgot to bring something to put snacks in. We got in for $1 and spent $80 on snacks. The people behind us in line literally gasped in disbelief

  12. $21 per hour x 2,080 hours per year = $43,680 per year. Get a couple both doing this, they're making over $87k per year per household.
    Median household income was $68,703 in 2019.

  13. There was an actual ad of the Eddie Murphy RAW movie where the commercial said this is all we are allowed to show you : The opening credits and the closing credits. Eddie said hello and good night.