If you laugh you lose, good luck. #meme #memes #MemeReview

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  1. You know Tyler, watching that last 2 minutes of your video sucked all the happiness out of my morning.
    I better have the face book fact checkers watch it and see it if was true or not

  2. We could only wish it was just "2 more years of Biden in office".
    I know it seems like he has been in office for like 5 years already, but its only been 14 months.
    We still have nearly 3 more years of this double Clown Show.
    Let's just pray this Country is salvageable after the Biden/Harris "Run America into the Ground" administration is finally over.

  3. Fries first,.. Deep fried potatoes are best when eaten first, otherwise they dry out and become harder, from continued moisture loss; especially MAc D's,.. they become mummified nearly. If fries are secondary, don't order the meal..

  4. Y'all need to search why Russia really went into Ukraine. Perhaps then you will applaud their actions. When the truth comes out…some other countries are gonna look very very bad.

  5. Wow the queen VP really like the Jibber Jabber the nobody can understand except maybe a liberal that talks like her but the queen VP doesn't holler and scream like the liberals do

  6. Tyler, my dude! I always have such a huge smile when I open up YouTube on Sunday's and hear the Reptilian, Pelosi, saying "Good morning, Sunday morning". Thanks for doing what you do!

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