“You LIED & My Friends Are DEAD!” Iraq War Vet DESTROYS George Bush

A recent video has gone viral as an Iraq War veteran confronts George W. Bush regarding his policies as President over his decision to invade Iraq…
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. But when we as your former allies asked questions about this illegal war, we were put in a corner as enemies. We still went to help you, that is what allies do. Still you refused to accept International law and the court of justice, even adopted a law that allowed the invasion of Holland, if Bush would be arrested for his crimes.

    When we said anything critiquing, we didn't support the troops, in reality you were there for their own geopolitical oil and war profits.

    With all this creepy shit we were lured into a dirty war that only served to line the pockets of Carlisle group, the Saoudies and created only more terror.

    It is time these peope are convicted and undone of their funds.

  2. Yes lied they have plan for the future of world…The New World order plan…every war all of time no one is true..just only drama action..because the illuminati masonic oragnaition satanic hell they have agenda called New World orde..This so bas..say no to new world order..say no to illuminati and masonic templer.anti religion

  3. Some of us believe George II was a puppet to Dick Cheney and George I, et al. Remember, George I once was Director of the CIA…and Dick was…Very, Very intelligent (not in a humanity way…but in the criminal way)…..The whole agenda was decades in the making….The makers of this plan…Dick and George II, et al.. needed a malleable patsy to place in front. Jed/Jud the 1st son of the Bush Monarchy was in a bit of trouble…he could not win an election. Dubya (George the 2nd) was also unable to win. Remember, Dubya's election was stolen from Al Gore. The deciding state was Florida and the "hanging chad"…Remember Florida was governed by Jed/Jud Bush. So much… much.

    I have seen the propo for Dubya's book….I have seen the propo for Dubya's paintings….I really do believe he might be a nice man….I really do believe he has a vague idea he was used for political machinations….I believe Dubya thinks he is past all that gaslighting…..George II has no idea he is being used again…to prop up the Republican Party after their failures with Trump. I really do believe he might be a nice man….Quite dumb….but a nice man.

  4. Make no mistake, this was the fault of a lot of people. People wanted revenge for 9/11, and Iraq somehow became the target of that revenge. Even though the UN condemned the invasion of Iraq, the invasion was largely supported by Americans. People already knew back then that none of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi, and yet Americans led vengeance cloud their sense of judgement. I remember Americans back that who said "turn the middle east into a giant glass crater for all I care", but today they pretend like they never supported the war.

    If this Veteran cares about his dead friends, then perhaps he should start fighting against the propagandization of the military. The US government has done an excellent job by convincing Americans that sending people to die in foreign wars is some sort of higher cause. It's all rubbish. "Thank you for your service" my ass. Remind me again what the War in Afghanistan accomplished?

  5. If you read the quran you would know that not all you see on the streets are human but you must be kind to all …if you are understand…There is a time when justic will be done keep doing good God Almighty Allah is the most true in existence

  6. Yet the American public still stand by their wars for profit. Biden was a big supporter, and he gets elected. Obama was another, and he's praised. GW isn't the only one. One of Biden's first moves was to escalate military attacks in Syria. WTF are we doing in Syria? It's none of our damn business. Well, I do know why…because Israel and probably Saudi wants us there. But, we'll bang the freedom drum, and the morons will stand at the anthem when the flag is dishonorably displayed. Idiocracy…..

    BTW, I served with the 35th Wild Weasels. They were the second jets in during Desert Storm. We went there for one reason only: to protect oil interests. It had nothing to do with freedom. It had nothing to do with Iraq. It had everything to do with who owned that oil.

  7. It was ALWAYS clear that there was no justification for the U.S. to attack Iraq. Anyone who’s not mentally deficient who was ever in favor of it should be ashamed. Only idiots and liars believed the “weapons of mass destruction” nonsense, because investigations were conducted to check for their existence; and it was proven there were no weapons before the war started.

    Iraq is also worse off today than it was under Hussein. American taxpayer dollars down the drain and thousands of lives ruined over what was obviously a lie.

  8. The clintons, the bushes and the obamas have always been in the same club. They all started wars in the middle east and made millions from it. Theyve all been friends for decades. The saudis called george bush 'little brother'. Its was all about power.

  9. I'm not a veteran myself but the way all veterans have been treated since first Gulf war is appalling and ill always believe Bush Jr was just finishing what dad started even if he had to do it with a lie and burn it all to the ground on top of bodies of our greatest hero's

  10. Russell the Iraqi war was nothing more than the U.S. finding the burial site of Gilgamesh. Saddam said they found it within three days the. U.S. military was there. Get m oil re info by Tom Horn. You find him. He tell you all the things needed to know

  11. Wars are just for money. They should not happen. So many innocent lives were TAKEN. It is genocide. My interpreters, friends, subordinates, and leaders are dead because of greed. A lot of Veterans experience “survivor guilt” because of GREED.

  12. Samuel Moyn has a new book out, Humane, that recounts the history of Endless Wars and how both political parties approved of it. That's why these guys are all buddies now. They probably always were.

  13. like any of americas wars are legit since ww2?
    US are the worlds paid killers, are just after oil and to sell their weapons by destablizing countries sadly
    all US tax payers are global murderers, remember that when u see one

  14. Bush 43 acts like he is surprise that a Vet. would call him on a lie! Just because he got elected to The Highest Office of The Land that does not mean that every one cares for him!!! He is as bad as The Clinton's!.. Rg 79549

  15. the presidents truly are "patriotic" because they do whatever it takes for the USA to stay in power and washington will agree to it. the money that these presidents make is just a byproduct of their acts, not their primary goal.

    evil, disgusting imperialism? sure, but so many of you are complicit, buying the racism that media tells you. people be like I don't trust msm so I will watch very dubious and even more fake news on random places on the internet and try to act woke by being racist against muslims,etc.

  16. He should be tried for war crimes.This man is a liar. (lied to the American people and the world). A thief, ( of stealing oil from Iraq) and a mass murderer. Him and his father killed more people than all the terrorist groups of the world combined. Murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Plus, caused a civil war, that created terrorist groups like Isis. People still dying today because of his lies and actions. Apologize? (Oh I'm so sorry). What is that going to do?

  17. Don't forget Obama. The deportation king, the drone strike king, the Oil king that oversaw record breaking profits for the oil industry and the king of the near complete destruction of Libya (among other things). He was a great king who ruled for 8 years. Most liberals I know were fast asleep during those 8 years and remember little of what actually happened and yet they remember Obama as one of the best presidents ever. Ideologues the lot of them!!! Rock on Russell Brand! You da man!

  18. Russell, Why is it that President's don't ever go to prison for the horrible crimes they commit. One example Bill Clinton being a serial rapist. I find it disgusting that the public look at these lying traitors to humanity as role models for what they hope their child could possibly become President someday. And that a large majority of U.S. citizens treat past President's with honor and respect. I just don't understand why people over look the horrible crimes they have committed.

  19. They are tied together by money…. You really think 9/11 wasn't planned? Somehow it was Osama bin Laden and we end up after Saddam Hussein for weapons of mass destruction…. which obviously were never found. It was all about oil/gas/control and money. Because Bush Jr works closely with Saudi Arabia.

  20. If the following statement causes you to become angry, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM:

    "Land of the free, home of the brave…"
    I would love to find a place where that sentiment is true, but it is CERTAINLY not here in the United States.
    Those who sit in positions of power in this country and around the world are our true enemies, and it is time for people to unite and take matters into our own hands with a vengeance.
    As repulsive and rancid as the politicians and "elitists" are, they are not the only ones responsible for the destruction of everything that was once wonderful about United States of America.
    The citizens themselves are at fault for turning a blind eye towards the egregious acts of the leaders they supported and elected. I have nothing but contempt for the fools in this country who made excuses to justify the unchecked greed of corporate America as well as the politicians who made alliances with these satanic monopolies.
    BE ANGRY. Since most people aren't motivated by kindness or love, use your anger as a catalyst for change. There is absolutely NO denying that Corporate America is in control this country's future, and the future is very grim.
    You must realize that you mean absolutely NOTHING to the cult of elitism that has become an unstoppable behemoth that devowers truth and light. Any one of these soulless billionaire elitists would gladly exterminate you without a second thought to increase their profits… Oh, and by the way, the profit never "trickles down" to the masses, it quite clearly stays at the top and never returns. Proponents of the trickle-down theory are nothing more than corporate America's minions, and their ideology is more than just wrong, it is dangerous and deadly.
    I've been living in this country for nearly five decades, and I can tell you with absolute honesty that this country is absolutely nothing like it used to be. The spirit of freedom and unity was once very much intact, and it was a beautiful thing. My heart aches for the Youth of this country because the generations that came before them were too blind and selfish to take care of the world that their own children would be inheriting. This is no longer America.
    We are living in a cesspool of selfishness and ill-will.
    How is it possible that born-and-bred Americans cannot comprehend the fact that our country, although not perfect, was supposed to be a country of sovereign citizens, not followers. However, when I look around all I see is followers.

    I'll say this again, everything good that the United States used to stand for is DEAD and gone, and it will never come back. NEVER.
    The wealth and power of the inhuman, soulless elitists has OBVIOUSLY reached 'terminal mass' and can no longer be stopped. Money rules this world, and they have amassed nearly all of the money on the planet. You fools fucked everything up, and now it's too late. The only thing you can do now is to turn away from this temporary, material world and begin to seek truth without ceasing.
    Although most people are in complete denial of the truth, it remains that someday you will most certainly die. Now that it has become quite obvious that we are all all screwed, you should come to terms with this truth and act accordingly.
    American culture is basically built upon the denial of the reality of death, but until everyone can come to terms with their own mortality, delusions will continue to rot the minds of the masses.
    Many people simply will not make it. And this breaks my heart.

  21. I wish more veterans would do this. They have more right than anyone because they saw their friends die and for what? George Bush lied knowing young men would die in vain. Its emberrassing that America with so much freedoms sat there and allowed this to happen. No one powerful enough to say "this is wrong", because people will do anything for money and power. And still nothing has changed.

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