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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. I’m a long term ALP voter and campaigner. I will never vote for them again. This crowd is the exact opposite of how we are being described. The ALP and LNP are enacting fascistic mandates.

  2. Andrews and the sheeple of Victoria are quick to label anyone who doesn't agree with his anti-democratic rule as something negative. Being extreme Left is just as bad as being extreme Right.

  3. Dictator Dan has put forward the most extreme restrictive legislation conceivable, and the calls anyone who doesn't like it an extremist.
    This is Dan Andrews modus operandi, he is gross.

  4. Your far left protests are a lie, How have you woken up to these lies, but not those ones… Racism descriminations etc… its all bullshit outside of small pockets of shit people.

  5. Fascism is organising on the street they are called antifa.
    Stalin and Hitler were LEFT WING. That's why they hated each other so much. They were competing radicals. Learn the definitions. Fascism is not right wing it's left wing because it seeks to radically and quickly change society. Just because Hitler wrapped Nazism in fake Nationalism doesn't make him right wing. Being a nationalist has nothing to do with whether you are left or right wing. It is about wether you want change or not. That's all.

  6. I heard this on the news tonight. This is not left or right…. its freedom for everyone. If you want or need to take the covid injections for your health or work thats your choice. If you dont want to take the covid injections for your health thats your choice. These injections only help you. You can still get covid and pass it on. Someone on the news also said anti vaxx people will over demand the hospital system. What about all the people on drug, alcohol, smoking and so on. They are in hospital too. Wake up Australia this is a virus 99% people recover from vaccinated or not. Choice is yours. Take something that may help or not. Your choice. No left or right.

  7. Pogo on a nazi. Spit upon a jew. Vicious mindless violence that offers nothing new! Left wing violence right wing violence all seem much the same? Bully boys they're fighting its just the same old game! Boring fkn politics they'll get us all shot. Left wing right wing you can stuff the lot. Keep your pretty prejudice i don't see the point equality freedom is what I want!

  8. The mainstream media are corrupt, deceitful, liars, pushing an agenda far removed from THE PEOPLE OF VICTORIA. It will all back fire when people stop .watching the news, reading the main papers and distrust them with a vengeance. Alternative media, Avi, Ruskin and the like are far more accurate and trusted. They also get a lot of foreign media attention that irks the mainstream and provokes them to much jealousy

  9. Whenever Leftists "Protest" it is usually with lots of false accusations against innocent people, feigning outrage as justification for rioting, looting, destruction of property and aggravated assault. Basically, Leftists "Protests" = Terrorism in order to enforce a certain political agenda and ideology.
    Strange how the Politicians are allowing the Leftists free reign and even arresting those resisting the Terrorism, but when there is peaceful actual protest they send in the troops.
    The only thing we can deduce is that Antifa BLM Leftists terrorists are the ground troops for the Political Class.

  10. Good one. Saw Dictator Dan in Parliament calling us "Violent Extremists". Pfft. Gaslighting and projection.

    I'm really trying hard to see blips of accuracy and positivity shining through the cracks on the MSM, but they sure have contributed to untold damage to our country.

    Stay strong people.

  11. Is it POSSIBLE that humans can just AGREE that it's WRONG to threaten people's livelihoods if they don't reluctantly give up their bodily autonomy? Regardless of their opinions on politics?

  12. I think the government are just so desperate to make labels stick to suit their narrative, that it has finally become obvious even to people who still watch mainstream media news that what they are seeing , as edited and bias filled as it is, does not match reality in any way shape or form. I guess you could say more people are waking up to the lie.

  13. Samantha Ratnam did you ladies and other protestors like you a massive disservice with her short sighted speech yesterday. "Where are the freedom fighters when…?" A number of the same protestors were present for causes she mentioned and they are still present today! Then she voted to pass the bill. Shameful.

  14. Time for the “anti-fascists” to realise their movement is controlled by global corporate interests that want exactly the opposite of what they advocate for. Also “overreactions” to insane laws people have been warning about for years to be to over reaching is not fascistic.

  15. By complaining about your master, you are telling the world that you are a slave. The King falls only when everyone ignore him when he speaks. Love/hate keeps you in a relationship with someone when the true key here is indifference. Think in terms of communications, walkie-talkies for example, if you are not on my tone (67.0Hz), I can't hear you even if you are on the same frequency (462.6125 mhz) because then the Squelch remains on (filter). Everytime you react to a bully, you are acknowledging his power over you. Play guitar, enjoy the beauty of this world and be indifferent of low dogs trying to have power over you. Try this and you will feel great and free. You are welcome.

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