“You Serve Us” Victorians Protest Outside Police HQ in Melbourne

Victorians protest outside a heavily guarded Police HQ in Melbourne, Australia (18.12.21). The protesters are chanting “you serve us”, as one organiser is allowed into the police precinct to inform the police of why they are there. I was able to follow the organiser to the door, and you could hear the swarm of Victorians descending on the outskirts of the building, with the chants getting louder and louder. Full protest livestream is available at:

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. They are still the Rum core , during colonial times they paid these snitches in Rum because they were mostly drunks who would do their masters biding for payment in Rum , that includes pretty much anything .

  2. We quote all these laws and acts and sections of Acts… yet here we are. What good are they?. Peaceful protest has become a joke. Antifa are violent but they get what they want.

  3. As a fellow Australian of Brisbane, I am amazed by the Strength, Courage, Dedication, and Determination of you guys.
    Much love and respect to our brothers and sisters of Melbourne. Do not give up or comply (FDA)!

  4. Never accept the excuse of just doin our job.. yeah rite the same said by those nazis killers.. retribution is near. Remember those faces and justice will be served soon! These are thugs!! Name them as they their evil actions.

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