YOU Should Be OUTRAGED Over This!

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YOU Should Be OUTRAGED Over This

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  1. It won't do any good. It just keeps them on life support long enough for Russian to seize more of the country. That is the way to look at it. Now I pray for Russia to win. We are doomed as a country they way they throw away money any more.

  2. Did you hear the news by Ukraine general that after getting long-range weapons from USA they will prioritize as targets essential civil objects in Russia like long Russian-build bridge to Crimea? They already use French 155-mm Caesars artillery not to fight Russian army but to bomb civil districts of Donetsk even harder than before, the number of dead civilians daily has skyrocketed!!

  3. Imagine spending 1.5 a month on education or homelessness or infrastructure or creating desirable jobs or healthcare? But oh no, we're just flushing it down a Ukrainian toilet – on a country that everyone has admitted is going to be gobbled up by Russia. What a waste!

  4. But didn't Biden already owe Ukraine a favor for placing his son, Hunter, in that very well paid position in an Ukrainian company. Sounds like a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" scenario.

  5. that is like saying to all United States citizens is okay you will survive we will put you under the bridge to live we will hand you food you will survive how how will you survive and what kind of a humane way will you survive don't worry you will survive we will find Bridges to put you under great job us politicians in lawmakers great job well done.
    Brainwash manipulation indoctrination need I say more 👈👀👂🤯💯✅

  6. Jackson claimed just yesterday (on the Jimmy Dore Show) that Zelensky was being thrown under the bus by western powers. "it´s the beginning of the end for zelensky" Jackson proclaimed. Nothing ages as terribly as Jackson´s categorical statements. Jackson´s reactions when everything he has said turns out to be utter nonsense is hilarious to watch.

  7. Dont worry yanks your not paying for it! Every country that hss a mobilexxon petrol station is paying for it like us Australians paying $10 a gallon! For oil pumped from our land by your corrupt compaines who pay zero tax on earnings here!

  8. We slave at work all day to give a portion of our income to these criminals who then give that money to other criminals overseas to run their operations. Yea the US government is a criminal organization and we are all victims of it.

  9. Jackson….stop…JUST STOP pretending that any of these decisions are being made by Biden….he makes ZERO decisions….he learns his lines and speaks as told. AS TOLD…he has made NO decisions since he has been in office….that is the real issue. We have no idea who is making decisions….but a man who gets lost on a stage decides nothing in his life let alone in our country….SO WHO IS IN CHARGE?? That is the story for you to report on!!

  10. What will they buy for all this money? Food? from where? Russia? Petrol? From where? Europe is out of weapons and soon out of food. We will have to survive on a diet of babble about democracy and human rights. Countrys who only produce empty bs ing blablabla will soon be exposed. And the real substance and size of a countrys economy will show.

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