‘You Sir, Are The One Ignoring Science’: Rand Paul Battles Becerra Over COVID-19 Rules

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) grilled HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra during a Senate Health Committee hearing on Thursday.

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  1. Died ,,,NOT FROM Covid,, WITH COVID,,, They Counted Every death as a Covid Death,, Even accidental deaths or Homicides…Didnt they get $$$ Bonuses for Treating Covid in Hospital Alledgedly???? Lets GET REAL…

  2. Dr fauci I don't trust at all .. he is lieing just like president bidin . We have rights Americans citizens. B's I don't trust these people look around science don't show all of this our country. Is at stake these people are radical and don't trust them . Look into Dr fauci keeps saying more B's . Bill gates let's see if fauci knows him …

  3. Where’s the science in mandating people take a vaccine for a virus that has a 99%+ recovery rate when you can still catch, carry and transmit the virus even with the semi effective vaccine…a vaccine that has no long term safety data?

  4. Do you know it sickens me to the core after finding out that not long ago that one of the vaccine companies put a stop to most of the sciences from saying anything against the virus and the vaccines and have even fired sciences for coming forward with the truth of the vaccines, and this same company Is also controlling most of the government's, and one of those companies is Israel? However, this company today has more control over the world than governments do, for they are in full control over most of the governments all over the place. Above all, this vaccine company Majorana I believe the name of the place is, but I may have the name miss-spelled here. This company has put a stop to most of the science's free speech and their overall opinion, and only have the few, that they need to tell the people false information.

  5. Does anyone know the studies Sen Paul is referencing that shows natural immunity is equal or better than the vaccine? Trying to do my own research on this, I will edit this comment if I find it before someone else guides me to it. Thanks 🤙🏼

  6. Vaccine does not work I had many of my friends died a week later from vaccine not everybody has a same body Or side effects we may look similar we bleep red blood but our bodies take affectively you don’t know what goes on in persons life and what they’re suffering with why should they go and contempt Their body with unknown ingredient vaccination they could stick it to themselves if they think it works. And Fauci is a crook I believe him as far as I can throw him that means I don’t believe him at all he needs to keep his mouth shut all this is about is pharmaceutical to make money off of peoples health

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