You Were Right: They Lied.

The FDA is now reportedly ignoring some of its own experts when it comes to authorising vaccine boosters – is this going to help regain public trust in its relationship with Big Pharma?
#FDA #BigPharma #Vaccine #Covid

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Wow Russell that was a great video. You laid out a simple thought on how some ppl are led blindly by the mass. We cant just shut door on ppl no matter witch way we lean.

  2. The problem with people is always the majority thinks they know more than minority!! The majority thinks they have every right to 'rule' the world…now the minority (1percent) is telling the majority who actually rules!!!

    If the majority still thinks they are ruling then am afraid they will really be ruled by the majority!

    What to do? The majority should WAKE UP and see they are not actually ruling!!!


  3. Stupid. It's a complex issue and as with virtually any complex issue, not everyone is going to agree – especially when the science is still emerging as it is with the human immune system which is EXTREMELY complex with literally dozens of players. That doesn't mean anyone "lied" or anything is amiss.

  4. Uh duh…fda paid off & lying for decades……here's a fact!!… grow foods overseas, spray them with illegal chemicals and send back to American citizens to consume & cancer rates skyrocket…hhmmmm….

  5. Pureblood here!! Have never give my kids any type of vaccine without looking at the 10 year studies. Was an ongoing fight with a pediatrician over the chickenpox and the hpv vaccine. My kid my choice!! Now my daughter is happy I talked her out of the jab!! Our healthcare system has been taken over by unethical, evil and ignorant people!!

  6. It's not a conspiracy when true, the Marxist left who are trying to take over the culture and government don't care about truth, truth is only applied when it aligns with there narrative. Listen to these globalist, media, and oligarchs when they speak about truth, 'Dissemination of truth is there's to determine'

  7. I wonder what “variant” their gonna roll out for the summer/fall…by now if you don’t think this whole thing is a sham you can’t be trusted. Unfortunately “they” are willing to knock off many in order to make the masses respond in fear

  8. Hi Russell, a few months back it heard you talk about using a magnetic process to help depression (it may have been an article) and I can't ind it now. Could you pretty please send me the link to it?? Thanks!🤩🤩🤩
    Love seeing your following grow like crazy!!

  9. The vaccines where to lower your chance of dying , not replacing your own immune system which vaccines don't do anyways. Vaccines only give you a target for your own immune system to use to make a antibody from. Vaccines are like Optical isolated from the immune system and add no helping chemicals to the immune response.

  10. VAERS is know to capture only around 1% of vaccine injuries. The CDC conducted a study to modernize the system, were told that they were capturing this few events, so instead of saying "Great! We can improve reporting to make safer vaccines" the CDC stopped all contact with the research team and acted like the study never happened.

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