You Will Own NOTHING!! Here’s How They Plan to Make You “Happy”

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0:00 Intro
1:17 The Ownership Situation
4:38 Planned Obsolescence
7:59 Hardware As A Service
11:08 How Will They Do It?
14:23 How Crypto Can Help
18:08 Outro


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  1. Wasn't it a capitalist who wrote "The Road to Serfdom"? And who is bringing us into this new serfdom?
    No, no one else to point our fingers at except to point them at our beloved and saintly capitalists, who are now evolving with breath taking speed into a new plutocracy of absolute rule.
    Servants, meet your new masters.

  2. Service as a Service is nothing more than renting, something that's been around 1000's of years – nothing new here. Yes, it's being rolled out in those 'standard' software suites, primarily those also used by businesses, so nothing unexpected/unusual in this change. Planned obsolescence has also been around for 1000's of years – those that make something that 'lasts' loose future money making opportunities, clearly, however, poor quality is not missed on consumers! Nothing new there. Hardware as a Service? – again, = renting, and again, been around for 1000's of years.

    –> While more profit is made from selling a 'service', trust me, there are enough controls and sanity checks that will prevent any mass movement onto this 'model' – a movement you're clearly clickbaiting..!!!
    –> Cryptocurrency? – that's where YOU and your channel's reputation crossed the line into trash content…for MANY obvious reasons…!!!

  3. The <volatility of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies makes any kind of price prediction notoriously difficult. Price fall means analysts remain divided over whether we are stuck in this bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. The only way to beat the psychological temptations of fomo, FUD, panic, and fear, is DCA'ing or TRADING… I made over 17btc in a month by day trading with Craig Zach, this is one of the best ways to back up your assets.

  4. Wait a second.. so your telling people should own depreciating assets that are made break down within three years…?!
    Let the producers take responsibility and you will see them make bullet proof products again like in the 50-70's..
    The only thing people should want to own are appreciating assets like houses and shares in companies.
    For the world it would be much better if products would last longer and making producers responsible will force that into action.
    You give the right arguments all the way to come up with some weird conclusion..

    Tests were done with renting refrigerators and washing machines in Germany.
    Net results, the machines lasted 10+ years.
    It was a sounding win-win for everybody and it makes perfect sense.

    These days you get a guarantee for 2 years and machine breaks down after 2,5 years.

  5. Crypto is just digital coding. I Think you better can have gold and silver. If you don't hold it you don't own it. So Gold and Silver will be only of the few commodities that holds value or is in fact money. The dollar or Euro is no money. It is currency. So own precious metals to go trough this time.

  6. It’s disgraceful when we are drowning in tech pollution. Greed runs everything. Obviously people won’t be able to afford new phones. When they’re already battling mortgages, heating and eating choices. It’s devastating
    I don’t want a phone much longer. It’s a bridge to the tech prison that’s planned for is. No thanks!

  7. Good for the green deal destructing everything up that has still lifetime in it. And Hardware of a service is called leasing… And everyone will lose their privacy because 5h3y come with a credit system. If you are doing things according the powers you will earn a good score. Are you against it and do bad things you will lose the right of everything like in the covid crisis you can only do things with a digital code if you got vaccinated.

  8. At least in the US, younger generations don't seem to want to own anything. They don't want to work for anything either. They all think they will just get rich like people on social media. People are becoming more and more lazy as generations pass, and if they can't get it as a handout, then they don't want it.

  9. Owning nothing is a good thing… In my prelaw classes we are taught that a good defendant owns his assets. If the defendant owns assets, those assets can be ceased and liquidated.

    Own nothing control everything

  10. This is how I think they will do it. First will come a cyber-attack which will wipe out the entire internet, this will cause an economic collapse the current money system will be wiped out; the internet will come back up within 2 weeks, but it will be vastly different then it was before, most things will be gone, CRYPTO erased, cash worthless. the Central banks will then issue their own Crypto a CBDC and you will be given universal income, but you will own nothing after this. where you currently live you will stay it will just be given to you even if you don't own it. with CBDC comes a social credit system where you will need to have a certain social number to be able to get a loan or to be able to own anything, but the game will be rigged you will never be able to get a lower enough score.
    why do I think it will be this way because there can only be ONE Crypto or one controlled money system, there can be no competition and the only way to do it is to wipe out the internet and start from scratch with a fully controlled (more than it is now) internet.

  11. Good video. A lot of good information including waning signs to watch out for. However, I don’t believe that crypto will swoop in and save the day. We have seen recently that crypto can be stolen, crypto accounts can be frozen by the government and there are hundreds of crypto scams out there. I would argue that the purchase of physical, hold in your hands Gold, Silver and Platinum bars is a safe store of value that is money off the grid that the government cannot see or freeze.

  12. Your all full of shit. Talk the truth. Crypto was created by the powers that be.. to get the people acclimatised to digital payments and digital currency. If coinbase decides to shut down your account like they have with 1000s of people . You never owned your Crypto. These youtubers are not telling you the truth d

  13. Once you are forced to pay taxes for things you never ordered and did not sign, you have no property … only the threat of sheer violence up to murder if you do not pay and defend yourself makes you obey.
    Everything you own is only a grace that can be taken away from you at any time in whole or in part by an order of politics. Property is only an illusion in such a structure, you can not explain that away with the babble of democracy and laws …
    Every state and every government, which are financed by tax extortion, are nothing but monopolized organized crime against people.

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