You Will Rent Forever and Like It

You will rent from Blackstone whether you like it or not.
From episode 288:
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  1. Foster care it's like renting children.. just like a real home they don't treat them good usually in prostate care they don't treat their property that they are given parental very good well a lot of people don't some do like me treat it nice but some don't. But with my real children I do treat them nice and if I had a foster kid I would try to treat them as if it was my own if not I have no right to foster a child in my life! But unfortunately that's not how the government sees it.

  2. happening everywhere, vulture funds are buying land and property with the intention of never selling to control rent and prices. allot of the time the property's are sitting empty in a city with a housing shortage. Heinz got upset for being called a vulture fund for doing it around Dublin and ire, threatened legal action against the economist who called them out. we really need to re evaluate monopoly laws in every industry in every walk of life. the only win there's been in a long time was in Berlin were they got the rent froze with a chance to buy the property long term i think.

  3. Pretty simple bet when the complete millennials and older gen z generations thought they were so much smarter than their parents that they convinced themselves via the use of excel spread sheet formulas and Google searches that renting is better than buying.

  4. I saved a down payment for a home and me and my wife began looking at condos for purchase. The condos in colorado have 4 to 500 dollar hoa fees on top of being priced at 300,000 for a thousand square feet. Then upon purchase or bidding of frankly a not very nice condo someone offers 30 to 40 over asking cash in hand

  5. Tim, your blackstone example isn't the best. It's not like Steve Schwarzman is sitting in his office with a set of boading balls scheming how he will screw over the public. This Blackstone fund buying apartments raises their capital from retail investors like you and me looking for a 4-5% dividend. It's so successful that they are raising hundreds of millions a month and are forced to buy these billion dollar portfolios…and they bought those apartments from "preferred apartments" who were doing the exact same thing. The concerning transactions are when the PE firms buy single family homes.

  6. What's amazing is I've never watched or listened to Tim until a month ago and this entire time I never knew he was gay. It's like it doesn't define him, which can't be said for way too many others these days. It's pretty fucking awesome that he's just a dude that likes other dudes and doesn't shove it in your face.

  7. the rent freeze was meant to cause this. the landlords were still charged their bills but couldn't make income. the plan was to help wall street buy up as much property as they could.

  8. It is definitely a crisis. I am closing on my first home this Friday I feel very blessed but the lengths I had to go to get it is absolutely insane.
    I am 29 My hubs and I had to move in with my parents in order to save for it but we have a combined income of 180k per year!!! Why the fuck was it THIS hard it took 3 years for us to save for this home. How in the fuck is a regular average income family supposed to do this? Incredibly sad! My parents bought their home in Chicago my dad was not rich and mom only worked part time. What the hell is going on?

  9. And they will raise rent on you when every they need to cover their gambling debts, need a new mansion or yacht, or gets sued for being one of their hookers. Wait, scratch the last one, they will just tell their judge to ignore the case.

  10. Buy a share of GME and help fight these lunatics. They have naked shorted and manipulated the marked to hell. We are trying to fight them by proving they have manipulated the market. Go learn about short squeezes.

  11. Sounds like we need regulators for our regulators. We need another branch of gov or something but then again that could never be created without being completely corrupt and you could never get anything through to cause effective change. So ya we're screwed.

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