You Won’t Believe The SCIENCE Around Mask Mandates

The science is quite clear that N-95 masks, when worn properly, are effective at protecting wearers against COVID-19. Mask mandates, however, which allow individuals to wear cloth or surgical masks, are far less reliable, at least according to the latest science. As with so many other rules during the pandemic, however, “the science” often takes a backseat to political and economic considerations when it comes to mask-related requirements.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger puzzle over the confusing reasoning behind mask mandates.

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  1. One thing we found out about masks is they make no difference in transmission. Air borne particles are NOT viruses Jimmy. N95 do nothing for viruses, FACT. Multiple studies on the medical masks prove they do nothing to stop viruses. So you're wrong on a few things here.

  2. Jimmy, Newsflash: Before the pandemic, there were a lot of studies done on N95s. The studies concluded that N95's are about 65% effective at filtering out particles due to the closure gaps against the face. So, about 1/3 NOT EFFECTIVE! That means that every 3rd breath is an unfiltered breath. So please don't believe that N95s protect you from the virus. Sorry to burst your bubble, but to say they are 95% protective is 100% fact checked FALSE. The Atlantic is not a scientific magazine it is political science like you said.

  3. The surgical mask just minimize us from spewing if we have it. I got a those paint spray mask for fumes but I'd look stupid walking around like that. Hahaha!

  4. You do get than 10% unprotected is unprotected. That you can get infected just as readily by 10% as 100%, that's still millions of virus cells. You got to be like 99.9 percent protected to be actually protected. You skin breathes, never heard of skin pores. No matter how well the mask works if you can get infected via your skin, the mask will do nothing. Skin pores, breathe and secrete, which is why masks do not work for airborne viruses. YOUR SKIN BREATHES, hence full body suits and independent air supply for people working in labs with viruses. Masks were a compliance tool to force use of a vaccine that was guaranteed statistically to fail, but the profit, billions.

  5. "Cloth masks used to be totally good, but because the COVID has gotten 'skinnier' it can pass kthough the cloth masks. That's why we need surgical/N95 masks now." – Dr. "The Science Has Changed!" Sciencey-Person

  6. It's all b***** Jimmy! the whole f**** thing is b***** b***** b***** flu scam flu scam b***** b***** b***** flu scam flu scam b***** wake the f**** up! How have you not figured it out yet?!

  7. These findings contradict the largest, blinded clinical control trial on this subject done in Denmark, which found that one-way masking didn't work at all – or at least not to a statistically significant degree. And that was before Delta, let alone Omicron. It also flies in the face of all previous research on airborne viruses, which have generally found masking – even with N95 masks – to be ineffective. There have been MANY studies on the topic, especially on seasonal influenza.

  8. But what if no mask mandates were in areas of lower population density and areas with mask mandates were in areas of higher density of population, wouldn't that skew his graph results?

  9. The 2 surgical mask covering 91% brings up another question. I assume it is NOT wearing 2 masks but others wearing same type mask … How much does a single surgical mask stop cooties IF the surrounding folks are maskless?

  10. N95 didn't work in Germany, Austria etc the 5% not stopped will include the aerosol cannot stop a virus with anything other than a fully pressurised suit…total bs masks don't work 🙄

  11. Facts that we’ve known for a long long time before the science was weaponised by politicians and the elite. The special masks have some proven protection.

    The others are unsafe and spread fear and control.

    We are not designed to be breathing back our own exhalations.
    It’s unbelievable how many people have swallowed every bit of lying propaganda.
    This has been a test that many have passed but many have failed.

    It has been alarming to see how many people have believed everything that they’ve been told by people have been proven to have lied to them before.
    You need to wake up people.

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