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I spoke with journalist Matt Taibbi about how the American defense budget is at a record $840 billion; $60 billion above what the President and Pentagon asked for, how the Americans have been selling fighter jets all over Europe and how a never ending feeling of anxiety is used to keep the population in check. #ukraine #russia #military
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Well a pandemic for 2 years and money and debts put aside THEN a war where costs of living increased. Petrol food- we cannot expect anything less- Thanks Russell I appreciate you pulling people back to reality… Hope you feel better- TBH I thought they gotcha bahawawa Stat Chilly x

  2. it's all about finance. finance is the cancer. to boring to concentrate on to complicated to follow.
    beautiful and ugly
    use physical items to bring it down. down with numbers and digits and illusions. rise to the truth to the physical to reality. to things we can touch and see and feel. rise truth.

  3. Thank you more than I can express for the people you bring on the information keeps me more on point instead of believing things maybe I shouldn't and believe in things maybe I should thank you sir

  4. So many I talk to have no idea this "war" has been going on since 2014. This is what happens when you watch TV sewage like CNN. This isn't an invasion, it's a rescue mission to put a halt to an ethnic cleansing by naughtzees. Of course people call me a Putin puppet but I've yet to get paid. =(

  5. One way to get rid of all the problems is very easy!, simply re-name them as challenges. All those problems cease to exist!, they have changed into challenges, so who doesn't like a challenge instead! 🤔
    Peace and good will, amongst all mankind was once upon a dream!, so if you don't even have a dream!, then how is it ever going to be possible to make a dream true?.
    Once we learn to communicate with each other 🫂 instead of about each other, most issues would simply vanish!
    We are all someone's daughter or someone's son. 💞🫂💞
    Live Life and Love Life ❣️ 🫂 ❣️
    Wonderful and beautiful day's ahead Y'all

  6. What, are you going to tell me that the major world superpowers are actually put in place by a secret shadow government, and that they're all in on it and it's all a show, and that they're just using our pain, suffering, and panic as a resource to generate lavish lives and technology for themselves on the way to the New World Order, and that we're slowly being transformed?

    Yeah I already knew that.

  7. When it comes to the Ukraine war It's something where my anger is not at the people of either nation. It is at those in power upending the lives of people for their own monetary gain! People are dead, homes lost, all for what?

  8. Puten is a conveniant threat..for the bastrd coperate scumbags who our making money from this coveniant war..which russia i beleave is also partaking in it also..ther all in on it..

  9. And 5000 sanctions the British government and the EU and The Americans placed theses sanctions to hurt Russia. Look at the bills and prices in our shops. It's nothing to do with war in Ukraine it's to do with dam sanctions we placed its called blow back. I believe.

  10. My god I am glad I stumbled upon your channel! You sir, have become the voice of reason, and the voice of a SILENCED and CANCELED populous. I hope you never get taken down and please continue to do the work you’re doing. Kudos sir.

  11. When our taxes go to the private weapons manufacturers we should get a return on the profits they make. We pay and they profit at our expense. Profits should be shared with those paying taxes to support them.

  12. A old timer worker of the government since the Kennedy era told me in confidence that it is all staged even back then.The two leaders work together in situations such as this.And even another stayed that war is just a disinfectant of the population.He explained that back in the day every county had a draft board to pick and choose who goes.Trump was the only President that we did not go to war with another country while he was in office.Speak with the older generation and they will tell you with him it was the best economy they ever lived through….that is if they were not welfare deadwood.He did his job and the only President I will ever acknowledge.

  13. Reward legacy media by destroying each of them – AND never allowing ANY of their participant fake "journalists" to ever be employed in that field again. By now, we have at least a dozen trustworthy, independent sources of news – and Russell has definitely earned his place at the top!

  14. It doesn’t matter who is leading your country, it matters who’s money you accept. The world wars were about getting rid of royalty around the world and replacing them with servants of bankers. Trump and Putin are definitely both servants of these bankers, so are the Bushes and the Clintons. It isn’t a conspiracy- it is right directly smack dab out in the open, right in your face. In all the meetings and ideals of these kinds of people. It IS the pudding we are living in, where’s the proof? They control research and development and international travel/exploration etc etc. All you have to do is look at international laws to see who is really in charge. Is that a conspiracy theory? Is it a conspiracy that the United States is NOT sovereign because we don’t print our own money? Is that a conspiracy theory? Because if it isn’t then we don’t have leaders of a country, we aren’t a country- We are a corporation and we have presidents in the same fashion a corporation does. It is understandable that this worldwide conspiracy is beyond most people. It doesn’t exist on paper, on record. It is built out of lies and secrecy and manipulation. And compartmentalism and protections of the law. And of blackmail and black markets. This is the real world you are living in and the people lending money to your government are the people running the show. The reason it seems impossible is because its origin is ‘supernatural’ so-to-speak or maybe a better way to say it is inhuman. Thats why people cant see it for what it is, it is a spiritual matter, we are living in creation after all. The big bang was made up by a Catholic priest and all of science tries to force its narrative into that perspective. The greatest deception and by FAR the most heavily funded one since the creation of broadcast media.

  15. ok This one I agree with what was said, I am not a George Bush fan, I don't want anything ill to happen to him, I never voted for him but that was because he lied when he ran for Governor in Texas in 1996. He said, & I Quote ""I am a NATIVE TEXAN""…. No you are not!! You are No more Native Texan as Elizabeth Warren is Native American. The Left is pulling a George Bush as far as the economy goes, they start a war to keep the ""little" positive in growth & if Biden wouldn't follow the Progressive Libs about making everything "Green", this might have worked better for him. Unfortunately Biden is SCREWED because Trump proved we could be energy independent. Do I like Trump, No he thinks to much like me, but when I say it out loud very few people hear me (lol). I do not think the Republicans will ever win a major office again. Why ……. Well as Steven Crowder proved it on one of his videos with EVIDENCE, that he shows & you can look at, over 10000 addresses in the 2020 Prez Election, Were FALSE!! If they cheated once they will do it again & again & again until people stand up and say NO!!! Unfortunately it HAS to be more then just words or signs, unlike the Non Insurrection which showed no one had a gun. NOT one arrest for that & it change nothing, maybe if they had waited and watch what happen in Afghanistan, they could have made a change. I noticed that the Talban's way worked vs the Millennials nom violence way FAILED miserably.
    Now back to the fun of You Tube uhhh Lonny ""Russell""

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