If nuclear weapons falling from the sky don’t get you then the microplastics will. As a new study reveals the astonishing level of microplastic particles falling from the sky, research also shows the devastating impacts this is having on our ability to reproduce. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to buy a baby grown in a lab soon. Nothing to see here. #life #microplastics #lab

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. yeah, in the chemtrails….lots of junk in these drops…mostly from the MIC as they ionize the atmosphere, the others just try to take control over the masses that reproduce far too much. In the mean time, some people are still against abortions and birth control ! Go figure !!!!! We live in total HYPOCRISY !!!!!!

  2. 11:39 “our elite package offers you the opportunity” So there’s going to be tiers like Patreon or Amazon. This is so dark and messed up lol can’t imagine this will be exploited and taken advanced of by elites and the powerful (great now I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist)

  3. I just love how you say "the App" @7:37. It expresses how i feel about almost all Apps, they are designed to bind you to Android/Google or iOS/Apple phone, so that ALL you do become trackable and minable. We all love the consequences, don't we…

  4. When we reduce women to mere “womb holders” as though a uterus is just an object to be owned we are taking the first step toward accepting the externalization of that womb. I am a woman who never had the chance to carry life due to my husband’s infertility, and despite knowing the sharp pain and loneliness of never having built my own family I would never stand behind this technology. It is a cruel thing to visit upon an infant. We don’t truly understand prenatal development well enough to think we could ever meet a child’s needs like a mother. Those wombs should be reserved for premature babies who must be delivered but won’t survive or develop in an incubator.

  5. Human beings trying to survive, while carrying out wars, abortions, and same sex acts that cut down on the populations. A war against God creation is Satan killing, stealing and distroying God' world.

  6. I hate to say it, but WE CANNOT BE REACTIVE ANYMORE! Something needs to be done, yesterday. Has anyone information of organizations we can join in the quite urgent revolution? The elite has to go. It’s time to take out the trash.

  7. Demis Hassabis informed Lex Fridman about synthetic biology. In particular, the molecular geometry of anti pole bonds that protect ones DNA and preserve that information. This breakthrough happened in Dec. 2021. Since then embryos have been developed in labs and aborted in labs after they have been known to develop sex organs/the ability to reproduce.
    Brave New World with technophilic oversight. When will the 1st person to live without a natural Mom and Dad but whose parents are lab technicians… ???

    Warp speed engage!

  8. The controllers are trying very hard to turn us into synthetics/AI new version of slaves. Humans are getting eliminated, as fast as these "controllers" can move. Their fascination on Eugenics should never have been ignored. Now, it is in our faces…..Who are these controllers ? The ones who have control of billions as we are fully handled by their money. One thing, they cannot duplicate and it is our SOULS. They cannot invent that……no matter how hard they try to fool us, with their holograms, and fake emotions. Beware when you pass ; do not fall for that reincarnation trick ! It is real but it is a trick ! They want to keep on using us again and again, while pushing their concept of what our "organic" bodies should be. Souls do not belong in there…….Time to exit planet earth……The void will be going home…….Try not to come back…..easy to get fooled by these after visions of beautiful flowers and a feeling of love. It is their trap !!!!!!!! I am not coming back on this planet. It is a beautiful , but a prison planet.

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