You’ll Have A Microchip In Your Head And Like It! Says Klaus Schwab

The World Economic Forum would have us believe that they’re merely a benign organization that brings together thought leaders from across the globe to discuss solutions to the greatest challenges facing humanity while developing the future leaders who will likely be charged with implementing those solutions. And yet they continue talking about off-the-wall sh*t like eating bugs, implanting microchips in our brains and technological advances that will render many humans extraneous, obsolete and useless.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss some of the unnerving ideas leaders like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari have broached at recent WEF events.

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  1. I didn't comply; no Vs, no masks, no lockdowns. We are born free and noone has the power to take that from me. Sure a restaurant may not seat you w/o a mask but you can eat elsewhere. The only time I wore them were in 5-10 min uber rides but that was my choice. I had a couple flights but always removed my mask after sitting down.

  2. When will Jimmy ever wake up to the fact there is no "global capitalism" that is seeking to enslave everyone. Capitalism is free trade. The Klaus Schwabs of the world are using government power to force their totalitarian fantasies on everyone. What we actually have is "global fascism" – a duopoly of government and corporate power over the people. End government power to grant benefits to corporations and these dangers would dissipate as entrepreneurs would then exist in a free market where they could only benefit by providing what consumers want.

  3. Obama forced the destruction of cars10 years old and older from junk yards. Government regulation leads to things like, mandating black boxes in all vehicles, which they have already tried. This is why allowing government to regulate industry is a power they should never have.

  4. When it comes to electric cars. They will be able to restrict you to a specific area, no travel outside your zone (post code) and no travel if you have exceeded your "carbon limit" Total control!!

  5. I think the biggest threat to 21st-century societies is the explosion of misinformation and conspiracies on the internet. The monetisation of conspiracies is, however, very lucrative for those who choose to exploit it.

  6. And regarding C S "dialect", the "germanisating" sound of "pseudonazi" cruques from the nazi era, out of a american film.
    How can it be, that so many ex easteurope yews, sherrish this expression of ex nasiism.

  7. Jimmy, I hope you find the clip of that guy saying “and what should we do about all of those useless humans? We’ve learned how to hack the human mind”
    Happy searching…… this is an unreal time to be alive. Get your homes in order, y’all. 🙏🏼

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