Young Detransitioners Share Their Tragic Stories

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Detransitioners on reddit share their tragic stories about their experience of transitioning to detransitioning.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. The transgender community on reddit has their own detransition subreddit called "actual_detrans". They give detransitioners this space to discuss their story under their watchful eye. Since they can't stand to have any detransitoners bashing them in a space they do not control.

  2. Matt, my husband and I have done everything we could to stop our son from going on hormones. The rest of the world is telling him it’s okay. A nurse practitioner, not an endocrinologist, is destroying his future. How do we stop this madness?!!

  3. Demonic forces at work. Not exaggerating. I mean literally. I believe these doctors have allowed themselves to come under demonic influence but they aren’t victims of it; they are willing participants who brought it on themselves. I bet they’d recoil from the sight of a Bible.

  4. I was actually banned from the Askreddit subreddit recently. The reason? There was a thread asking what practice will be looked back on in a hundred years the way we look back on lobotomies today. I said the removal of tits/dicks from healthy children and BOOM! Instantly banned forever…🤦‍♂ I hope the people currently behind this movement feel REALLY bad in a few years time. Sadly I think they're too stupid to feel that way…

  5. These stories have genuinely got me choked up and enraged. Innocence is such a sacred thing, and hearing how some of these kids have no joy in life anymore is soul crushing. Even the most vile criminals knows that corrupting kids is quite possibly the worst crime you can commit on this earth.

  6. There is a group that supports kids being butchered and maimed with unsafe procedures and saying there is no harmful effects it's criminal and I think we should start publicly start putting pedophiles, groomers and the people who support the sickness on stakes

  7. I think that taxpayers should have to foot the entire medical bill for 'gender affirming transition surgery'. I also thing tax payers should have to pay for the 'detransition surgery' as well when the person changes their minds later. Best advice would be to store the bits you had cut off in your freezer. You might need them later.

  8. It makes me so sad to see the pain in these young people's lives.
    They were too young to decide what time to go to bed, to decide what to have for dinner, and yet, they can change their body in ways that will never be the same.
    It really is sad.

  9. I have no words. This is freakin horrible. To think this is just the beginning is unfathomable. I feel for these people. They were lied to and tricked into these messed up ways. Also, I want to add that yes, it is your parents fault. Your a kid. You don't have the mental awareness to know. Especially when it's being shoved down your throat like the newest trends. It is your parents fault, they should have at least 2 brains cells to know they shouldn't let their child go through with it. They are raising a child, you would think they would have at least some sort of mental capacity to tell their kid no, this isn't the road you want to go down.

  10. i wish that community understood that the people like blair white and such, have THEIR best interest in mind. Yet we are the villains in their eyes.
    Sorry to say, but shows the emotional immaturity those people have. like a kid defying their parents.

  11. Increased testosterone in females heavily increases the chance of cancer, even if you lower the testosterone eventually.

    All the females who have used testosterone are still at risk of cancer.

    Even naturally high testosterone in females is a cancer risk. Now imagine what adding testosterone to your body does!

  12. The girls who go through with a female to male "gender transition" are usually shocked to see how the world treats a 5'5" Man….The irony is that the ONLY sex change procedures that are actually successful in changing an individual's appearance to match the opposite sex are female to male, yet women are STILL several inches shorter than Men on average and HEIGHT remains one of the most important physical traits of being a Man….

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