Young Homeless Man Shares Real Truth About Sleeping Rough in Cardiff, Wales.

Andy has been sleeping rough in Cardiff, Wales for the last three weeks. Andy’s dad is an alcoholic and he feels safer sleeping outside than at home with family.

When I first saw Andy is was sleeping. As a rule, I never wake anyone up. Andy shares about how he has been walking around at night and desperate for sleep. Sleep deprivation is common for homeless people sleeping rough. A good nights sleep is rare.

Although Andy shares about rough sleeping in the United Kingdom, the challenges of living on the streets homelessness are the same in the United States and Canada. People don’t just walk by, they spit on you and call you names. People even with good intentions give an overabundance of food yet refuse to help with money or other basics needs besides Mcdonalds or Burger King meals.

Here’s a post I wrote about panhandling and people begging for money: “Giving Money to Homeless People Is Okay

Andy’s story is powerful. He’s only 21 years old and he’s experiencing more pain and suffering than any young adult should. Sadly, Andy’s story is far too common among homeless young adults. Instead of giving a sandwich we all must work together to end homelessness.

Thanks to all of your support, we got Andy inside tonight. He found me a little while after this interview with all of the change he had made from panhandling in his hand and said “I am going to give this to a charity box.” Just by helping him get inside tonight it changed everything.

Special thanks to Crisis


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Written by Invisible People


  1. A homeless friend once shared a story about when he needed a toothbrush. He stood in front of a grocery store displaying a sign asking for money to buy the toothbrush. It wasn’t long before people started to give him food. He gratefully accepted multiple bags of fast food meals as he tried to collect money to buy a toothbrush. He set the bags next to him. Although it was clear he had already been given food, people continued to give him more. He never was able to purchase the toothbrush he needed.

    Jeffery is homeless in Toronto, Canada. “You’re cold. You get soaking wet. You never know where you’re going to sleep,” Jeffery said about homelessness. He also went on to say that the one thing you don’t have to worry about is food when you are homeless.

    People like to give food. Nonprofits have programmed the public the homeless people need food because they know people will donate money for food programs. For those of you having an issue with Andy talking about throwing away Burger King the point Andy is trying to make is he already gets plenty of food – too much food even – yet people still keep giving him food and more food. What would you do with 15 hamburgers?

    The public needs to be educated about homelessness and real needs. The simple solution is to ask and listen – then help when you can.

    You can never go wrong giving out socks – How to Give Socks to Homeless People.

  2. I wish I could take you home, shower, eat, rest for few days and find you a job!!! And no, kids arent always ready at this age , life can happen at any age. I dont blame people for giving food and not money because people take advantage and buy a hit. What if this were YOUR child?? When is the last time you so called Christians asked someone what their story was, stayed on the side of the road, waitied for help, fed them or took them to a shelter? When was the last time you hosted a shower.- even an outside pool shower was offered to someone asking on facebook. I brought a stranded trucker home once, and even snuck someone into my gym to shower. When was the last time you gave a bottle of water out, even broke , and broken down while traveling FAR, I still gave out my half frozen water and drink bottles to homeless people in 106 degree heat. Have you stopped to help a stranded person, or gave a ride or let someone in desperation use your phone- so simple?? This week I was stranded with a major car fail, no rentals available, as I sat , so many people walking around all night, no place to rest, many people around me merely needed a phone call to rest their mind, or pick up a check, or a 5 mile ride which I googled things for him- he even had money but still unable to spend it as he needed. One man had no way to use an address to use for obtaining an ID or a ride to get papersto get the other papers., couldnt rent a hotel room. Lately no place will even let yhou come in for a minute of air conditioning, if you have no mask- you get NO drink or food or help or a phone. Some places will not even accept cash with this covid bullcrap going on, so a vagrant teen couldnt buy a sandwich because he had no credit card. Even if you have cash, this guy couldnt rent a car or book an uber because he had no phone or card- so I booked him an uber on my phone. Some people are one piece of paper away from a resume, one haircut or bath away from a job. When is the last time you dressed someone for success or helped with a resumee, or printed something out or mailed a letter for someone in need?? At 16 I was employed, but nowadays, you may not be stable at 21 or 41 or 61. Shame on this pos father., even worse are people who spit on him. WTF is wrong with people????

  3. He can go to some church, mosque, temple or gurudwara. They will keep him fed. Probably, they will provide him with some shelter. If somebody finds him, please help him or pass on the advice.

  4. The government needs to set-up a program where people who find themselves in this sort of temporary situations. Will be able to better themselves by providing temporary housing, food and help them find work.
    Now if some people choose to leave on the streets that’s different but some people just need an opportunity.

  5. How you can be home less in 5 biggest economy of the world in 21 century in Europe how come why or you lazy or so stupid that no one want him or disable ? 0:10 aaaaa ok understand bad luck don't kill your self I will need you in future soon enough

  6. I have never understand the world. The word human is used as a synonymous of compassion, fraternity, affection. But humanity is evil, conflictive, selfish, negative. Just watch how humans built the world as we know, with deep differences, racism, clacism, violence. 6 millenniums of human history have passed and mankind is still the same or worst. Humans don't even worth a try ?

  7. EVERYTIME! Everytime you have an oportunity to get a job, then jacket instead of blanket and also whatever you want, if you are healthy and got all your limbs! So no excuse, you are just lazy or giving up. You need to realize you are healthy before thinking of essentials. So get up your ass and start to live… And I mean it from warmth of my heart

  8. Cardiff is a city that houses thousands of migrants who travel though safe countries to get here they actually have shut 4 star hotels all over the country to house these economic migrants people who have not contributed nothing to are country and are just coming here for a better life an yet they leave there own on the streets to die this is what identity politics does and the labour party who run these cites tell the world there is room for refugees while there are hundreds of homeless on our streets same here in Liverpool the politicians only care about looking like they are not racist and virtue signalling