Young Men FLEE College During COVID, Here’s Why You Should Worry

Saagar and Marshall respond to a surprising new report showing that young men have abandoned college in the wake of the covid pandemic. Just as a reminder, Krystal will be back from vacation on Thursday and she will return to her position as co-host.

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  1. Hmmm could it be because feminism has become so toxic in colleges and university for decades now that it created an environment that vilifies men for being men?? I known about this for a very long time now but I am glad men are waking up as to how worthless higher education has become now that wokeism is embedded in there.

  2. I would venture that young men do not feel welcome on college campuses since they are vilified. Match that with the current ROI of a college degree and you’d have to be stupid to go to college unless you were in some highly specialized field.

  3. College is a joke today. Woke brainwashing in the majority of the humanities and social sciences, now bleeding over into the hard sciences and business schools. Learn a trade! No debt, job security, a skilled labor, starting pay is better than any lib degree you’ll get, and you don’t get indoctrinated by leftist idiots.

  4. Men have been avoiding the college scam long before Covid. I’ve read stats over the years championing how women are getting more degrees than men. But then if you look at why degrees they’re getting, they’d be better off not going into debt for worthless degrees.

  5. 2 College Grads talking about the importance of college on YouTube! No degree required to succeed. 🙂 Their college money would have been better spent on acting classes.

  6. What is Saagar even saying? His ability to convey cogent thoughts and ideas is serious imperiled. It’s just word salad all the live long day with this guy. “Which is that . . . Which is that . . . Which is that . . . Which is that”

  7. This is just a guess, but I think whatever the root issue starts before College. Looking at the education data for males/females…there's a clear gap at every level and it's getting bigger. So, whatever is the problem starts happening the moment these children enter the public education system, possibly earlier.

  8. Why go to college when you just end up in debt to learn nothing when you can just learn skills yourself on the side? College from 1970 isn’t college like in 2021

  9. I wanted to go to college but my mom made too much money so I'd pay all out of pocket till I reached age of 26. From 18 to 26 I worked. I worked and realized college leaves you with debt and that most people never use their degrees to their full potential. Most graduates don't look happy. So whats the point. I'm barely gonna hit 26 next month

  10. Also. No guy is going to go to University of False Rape allegations. Hate to say it, but that’s also a reason guys aren’t going. You’re either going to get accused of rape or get raped out of your money on a worthless degree.

  11. I am a woman, but why would we continue to throw ourselves into astounding levels of debt. I can explain why white men who are poor are dropping out. There is no extra help for poor white males. College should be tax based.

  12. My husband (who is in one of the minority groups you listed) is a self-taught software engineer for one of the top five largest tech companies. He didn’t go to college, nor did he need to go to college.

  13. I (young white male) personally dropped out of my masters because I didn't want to deal with learning from home.
    Having a place to go to, to meet people to have structure is 90% of the value for me personally. I can't stand rotting in my home alone.

  14. I only went to a four year college for 1 year. It was the most oppressive environment I have ever been in. Thank goodness I was an extreme leftist all the way back in high school. I turn all of those statistics on their heads.

  15. Why should men go to college? College just tell us that we are evil and especially white men when they are called evil for being white men.

    College is just indoctrination centers for the left.

    BLM is a terrorist organization and woke culture is just racial Marxism. STEM degrees are worth it but the rest is bullshit. In reality college is not needed to succeed in life.

    My father did not have a formal education and he owned his own company and became a pastor.

    More women go to college but few are taken STEM degrees. They are graduating with bullshit degree like acting or social justice degrees.

    I tell my nieces and nephews not to go to college if they are going a worthless degree. I tell them to go if the are going for STEM degree because they will make enough money to pay their college debt.

    College needs to be affordable and worthless classes like gender studies need to be purge from the system. College has so many worthless classes and degrees that are not worth what they cost.