Youngkin DOMINATES In VA, Breaking GOP Losing Streak. Progressive Victories In Boston, NY Elections

Ryan Grim, Robby Soave, and national director of the Working Families Party, Maurice Mitchell, discuss last night’s election results.

Youngkin image courtesy of AP/Andrew Harnik, McAuliffe image courtesy of AP/Jose Luis Magana

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  1. "The Republican Party is the party of oligarchy." What planet do the regressives live on to believe this? Virtually every major business, city, media outlet is headed by, or at least kneels to, Democrats and regressives. Dems run the culture. Dems have run politics. Dems run the economy. Dems run police. Dems run the alphabet agencies. The few times there is a Republican involved, it's some RINO. And the rest of the Republicans compromise with whatever Dems are complaining about in current year.

  2. Yeah Castro "rethink" things. Look what "rethinking" the police and schools did for you in the Virginia election.
    Castro does deserve some credit though. He is the first to point out publicly that Biden was too senile and demented to be President. That, he doesn't need to "rethink."

  3. Promising news for a change, but still want to see justice and bring the swamp dirt bags to pay for what they are trying to do to this country and inflicting
    Stress on all americans time to stress them out
    Big time

  4. Nobody wants the left tyranny of trying to control the people The left democrats need to leave our children alone leave us alone no mass no mandates no lockdown ever And quit trying to destroy America and the American people Add quit letting all the legal aliens aliens in equip braining terrorists into our country to try to hurt us God- Loving people don't like minions

  5. What we need is more censorship. Bring in a few more social justice warriors and spend more time shaming white kids. Perhaps some more increases in the military budget. Hillary Clinton, I am telling you Americans love that woman. Also, more invitations to undocumented immigrants to replace the striking union workers? If you can find some candidates named Karen, I am sure that will help. Maybe another bill that promises to help workers and devolves into a tax cut for wealthy urbanites? Also note that we love high prescription drug prices! Mandates totally rock, especially when announced by the guy that started the plague. Senile old men are the in-thing, hip kids love that. Maybe bail out some bankers. The (police budget/2)*4 formula should be more widely implemented. Statues of Joseph Stalin in front of every unisex school bathroom is also very popular. You guys don't give up. A few more videos of rich women eating high-end ice cream while y'all lock us in our studio apartments with ramen noodles would help? Just do a lot more of what you have been doing and America will eventually catch up.

  6. The fact that this man feels Republicans be more or less extinct is worrisome. There needs to be a balance of priorities and ideas. Are Republicans great or have concrete objectives,no. But there should always be balance of power.

  7. Independent’s are the key and I think these elections kinda showed majority of Americans want nothing to do with many progressive policies. I hope they decide to double down and go all in on progressive policies and see where that gets them.

  8. I'm sure replacing moderates with people who bash normal Americans, call anyone who disagrees with them racist and seem not the least bit interested in actual consequences is the road to victory.

  9. Democratic Party doesn't need to re-think; Rather the Socialist Democratic Party need to DISBAND! You do not reflect/represent the avg American voter. PS: Take Mitch McConnel with you…please!

  10. re-comment
    Let me tell you something about republicans and democrats
    and we the people who support them. We're in a trance right now and have
    been for a number of years, maybe as much as 15 to 20 years, not sure.
    Nevertheless, we're in it.
    Why it happened is not known to me, maybe just an evolution of a type,
    or maybe it just happened out of nowhere, but it happened, we went into
    trance. The republicans have it worse but it doesn't matter cuz to have
    it at all is enough, how much you got it don't matter, the end result is
    the same.
    The trance causes strife and division, most of it having very little
    meaning at all and the worst thing is it blocks whats actually going on
    around you, you can't see what the real situation is here on the planet.

    The best thing you can do is to NOT have any particular loyalty to
    either one of these parties. WE are now very sick, we don't even know
    what we believe, not in real truth anyway. We are sick. The cure is
    resistance, resist your urge to be right, cuz you're not, you're instead
    quite confused, all of you. Let it go.

  11. Mitchell National director for the Working Families Party= an American Marxist party
    Doing their best to bring chaos and tyranny across the country.
    His term " Institutional Democrats" = Democrats who are NOT leftist Marxists.
    His term "working Progressive Democrats" = the proletariat of the Communist Manifesto

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