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  1. I was targergeted by leftist supremacists on many occasions even leftist supremacists who were childhood friends, yes its time to call them out for being what they are — leftist liberal supremacists — use language against them as they do to all conservatives, reason they ( leftist demoncrat liberal supremacists ) use language the way they do is because it works !!

  2. These mental amoebas dehumanize themselves. I don't make the rules, they're animals (barely that even) just based on their own actions. I guarantee you they're mostly p3dos as well.

  3. At what point do we drop this CIA instilled resentment of those pointing out the obvious and just drop the whole crazy conspiracist thing, it only feeds the CIA aims.

  4. Been in Thailand for a month now. No problems, no woke, except from a woke Brit, who lost his mind when I mentioned the name Trump. Freak got up from his seat across the restaurant to tell me of his snowflake opinion of orange man bad. Other than that this country is full of pretty cool people, who believe in live and let live.

  5. The Deep State & Democrats started this whole mess using fake information & Lame Stream Media to point out what a bad man president Trump was.
    We were lied to over and over again for close to 3 years.
    Then devastating our economy by shutting down small businesses for over 2 years with more lies.
    Now our FBI the last two elections involved in tactics to help sway elections , my bad then there was the Afghanistan debacle.
    If you question or say anything about any of these issues you are then labeled " A RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST " and YOU are the problem not their policies that they force on millions of Americans over and over again

  6. People just need a punch in the face every once in awhile to remind them to shut the f**k up. This is the reason they keep doing this, knock them on their ass and they will "go home to mama" as the God King Trump would say.

  7. Every demonrat I have ever met, if they don't get their way, they are the little kid in the store when their mommy doesn't buy them that toy, and they throw a temper tantrums, every time I see them freaking out you look like that little red faced kid not getting their toy, grow the hell up, children.

  8. if you are for America, the left will treat you as anti-American.

    imma be really real here and just say that we need to reestablish the united states a complete reset to the constitution remove and rework all laws and all regulations. because this place is becoming a utopia for the crazy i just want my America back man.

  9. You're giving them too much credit… leftists completely gone insane, and their political representatives are not only complicit – they're leaning into the divisive messaging. Deliberately.

    What's worse, it's the bloody feckless RINOs who not only do nothing about it, but also turn around and side with the insane left to attack common sense persons who just want to live life right.

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