Your “Carbon Footprint” is a LIE (and we all fell for it)

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Your carbon footprint is a scam. Unfortunately, carbon is a real problem for our world. But you’ll never guess who sold us the lie of the carbon footprint.

You’ve probably never considered where the term carbon footprint came from in the first place. And it’ll probably blow your mind to learn it was only created less than twenty years ago by one of the world’s largest oil companies, BP. And they did it mostly so you’d take the blame for the problem of carbon; not them.

Over the years, BP–and the fossil fuels industry in general–have greenwashed the world into believing they care about making a positive change for our environment. When in reality, they’ve been conducting their dirty business behind the scenes as usual.

0:00 – Your carbon footprint is a lie
0:53 – Where “carbon footprint” came from
3:01 – BP’s climate propaganda campaign
4:03 – Lobbying against climate action
6:15 – Getting rich off carbon trading
8:00 – Can we do anything?

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  1. U.S. worker can't speak for others : When it comes to anyone in our society (US) that is Corporate, the adage
    " There is no limit, to profits, that can be made " and that is true under our system as it is but, when I question
    that, I get accused of being a Communist, when all I see is, there has to be a limit or what happens is exactly,
    what is happening now, an imbalance via inflation and a widening gulf in the haves and have nots.
    Call it what you want, I just see and live the "cause and effect".
    On the other hand when I earn a level of wages or in overtime pay, I am taxed at a rate that absorbs most of the
    extra effort for those wages. Corporations and Government have become fine bedfellows, it seems ?

  2. None of this is new to me, I worked it out myself long ago. There is only one thing that surprises me, and that is the gullibility and lack of critical thinking of most people. There must have been much laughter when the idea was born of blaming the very thing we are made of, and which we breathe out. The joke of taxing the air we breathe became the reality of taxing the air we exhale. It is too late and pointless trying to wake people up to the reality of this world. We are all in serious trouble, so hold on tight and hope for the best, even though the best will still be terrible.

  3. I am debating on whether to join the metoo movement. About 13 years ago I had the bottom of my left leg amputated. Since then I have used a prosthetic. The socket and the foot of my prosthetic is made of carbon. I feel I'm being singled out and left with only one leg to stand on. How am I suppose to reduce my carbon footprint?
    This is sarcasm for anyone wondering, although the amputation is real. Enjoy your evening.

  4. I don't blame the oil companies. I blame the politicians that happily take their money and create laws that enable them while suppressing individual Liberty.

  5. Glad some are now seeing its a scam. Always has been and so is this esg fight we have on our hands. Thats another real reason also behind the oil production. Banks are involved and investors.

  6. Yes, a lie was created to make money and control the narrative for their advancement. Then a bunch of people jumped on board thinking they were morally superior to the rest of us, these people are the Woke progressives. The Woke use the terms "Carbon Footprint", "Climate Change", "Diversity", "Anti Racism", and even perverted meanings of "Democracy" and "Freedom" to try to control the rest of the population, so they can sit on the top of the social hierarchy and exploit the rest of us.

  7. I wonder if the same logic could be applied to any other major industries…say big pharma or the the military industrial complex?

    Never mind, Pfizer or Lockheed would never do anything to make profits at the expense of humanity.

  8. Out grown oil? How many manufactured goods are created without the use of oil? If there was any real concern the world would be creating nuclear plants for power instead of wasting all this money on solar and wind. Transportation there isn't a viable alternative and the movement of products with trains, aircraft and trucks none of which have alternative fuel solutions. It took 30 years to just ween the US off lead based fuels.

  9. End result….output is restricted….environment taxes are kick backs to governments….supply restrictions create higher prices and higher prices create higher profits for less production costs. Great con. Then there is the other trade offs….elitists…

  10. About carbon, they from what I notice stop chemtrailing skye in effort to lower earth temperature. So when weather is restoring to they natural state peoples may start to search what causes weather to behave differently than in past ~10 years. Additionaly carbon = energy for economy so who has it more is in better position to compete with others, and if poor countries can not afford to obtain proper amounts of carbon certificates so their economy loses to much richer countries. This way we have transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

  11. Electric cars are ridiculous just purely for its lack of infrastructure for it and it’s even more so use of resources and power 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Oh Lord… do you have security?? If you keep calling folks out like this they are gonna try to take you out! That don’t like thinkers and they really don’t like thinkers with an audience. Stay safe please 😁💕

  13. You might not be prepared to say carbon is not a problem for the planet but I am. The ludicrous idea that carbon dioxide levels drive planet temperature defies the evidence of climate temperature shifts in the past. When I was at school in the 60s we were taught about the Roman warm period and the Maunder minimum and the mediaeval warm period and none of these climate reversals had anything to do with industrial carbon use. There was no "tipping point" beyond which was irreversible damage. This is all an enormous scam to seal money off honest people who have worked for it. One day Justice will be served if not in this life then in the one to come.

  14. Not all of us "fell for it", it was shoved down our throats. It is an anti-progress, anti-prosperity philosophy and it is no accident. It is meant to break us, soften us and make us susceptible to more government controls.

  15. I’m so glad I never bought into this carbon footprint thing. It always did sound like bs and I just couldn’t understand why people invested so much in something they affect so little in comparison to the companies doing the damage they are.

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