Your “Carbon Footprint” Is A Scam

Your “Carbon Footprint” Is A Scam – Second Thought

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  1. We did not create the infrastructure that the modern word relies on. Reducing our personal carbon footprints does make a difference. When all industry is migrated to clean methods our personal impacts will become more relevant. Just saying "Well these companies are the worst" Doesn't mean your contribution doesn't matter

  2. I've never felt like I was being blamed for the climate crisis. If the consumers change their consumption, the corporations have to follow. I'm not gonna sit around waiting for the meat industry to change or for cars to be "better". Who cares about blame?

    Criticising that the "blame was shifted onto the consumer" is just a way to shift the blame onto corporations. They won't change if consumers don't create a viable market.

  3. How can you take some bullshit headline like that at face value about Tesla recalling half a million cars. It wasn’t a recall, it was a software update. I believe it was actually to disable the custom horn sound’s because the fun police said no.

  4. For the last few years i‘ve always been super „depressed“ because the world is just so „bad“. Now while watching your videos i noticed how you mention a lot of the things i thought about. It is making me a little sad still, to think about these things, but now i at least know that a (hopefully big) group of people is aware of the obvious problems with our society.. Maybe this means that change is not impossible.. 🥲

    Until i found your videos, i didn‘t know what capitalism or socialism actually were. Now it‘s clear to me that whats bugging me about the world actually is capitalism. It feels good to give the beast a name..

  5. most of that "co2 equivalent polution" is from coal powerplants, which they refuse to upgrade to LITERALLY ANY OTHER POWERPLANT because they wouldnt get instant profit

  6. I generaly agree with the video, but when reading the comment section I don't agree with the conclusion.
    Yes, individual actions won't have as much as an impact as companies going green would. But we have to realise that companies are here to fulfil our current needs, and these needs are not sustainable : eating too much meat, taking the plane too often, driving instead of walking … If we change are way of living and show that we want to be more sustainable, companies won't have the choice but to follow. Because we are their customers.
    Companies are throwing the blame on us, and we are sending it back to them. The reality is that we shape the companies by the way we live, we can't keep on saying "It's not my fault it's theirs !", keep on living unsustainbly and hope for the best. Fundamentally, it's the way that we live that is the problem, companies and big industries are just a result of this new way of living. Let's show them that there's another way.

  7. Sound like a call for Socialism. The only people that want socialism are students, poor people and hippies, and none of them have any power. The rest of the world who have moved up the ladder enough to own stuff want to continue owning stuff and buy more stuff.
    And then you have the people in the WEF who acquired wealth and power, and now think it would be better if everybody stopped owning stuff. Except them.
    As long as peoples lives aren't negatively impacted by 'saving the planet' then we're happy to play along and fill our recycle bins.

  8. I have ADHD, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder and I am on a lot of medications. The combination of this makes me believe I would not be a safe driver. And yeah it can be hard to get places. Even close places I can walk/bike too can end up not being an option on days where it is too hot, too ivy or too cold.

  9. It’s so sick , when I was in grade school in the 2000s the whole recycling/ “reduce your carbon footprint” craze I feel had kicked in at full effect. They mandated recycling bins in all classrooms when I was in the third or fourth grade. Being a kid who loved animals and nature I bought into it hard. I would pickup cans and any other litter anywhere I saw it and carry it to the trash can, I encouraged people to recycle. Sad to see that childish/naive yet well meaning feeling of making a difference slowly diminish with time. As I grew older the whole environmentally friendly craze only grew yet I would look around and nothing seemed to change , it seemed as though these things were getting worse. To a child it was incredibly disheartening and confusing. Such a disgusting thing to sell people this notion that they could make a difference while perpetuating the behavior in the background that was actually making things worse the whole time. The difference people were trying to make was almost negligible while the real root of the problem only persisted.

  10. I think this is a bit hypocritical.

    While there's something to be said for accountability at all levels, that doesn't relieve the responsibility at the consumer end. It's still the case that people will buy a product that goes directly against their stated values without batting an eye. You argue that shifting the blame to the customer takes the responsibility off of the producer, well, it's also the case that shifting the blame to the producer exonerates the customer.

    No one person is going to fix this, but the least people can do is look at the labels on the products they buy. Look at the materials in packaging. Look at the country of origin. We're all part of the problem, and saying 'it's just the system' is a cop-out.

  11. It tells quite a lot that the media tries to alarm us both because of climate change and of any reduction in economic growth at the same time. Oh no, the climate! Oh no, the GDP! Time to waste all your money on a brand new Tesla!

  12. Remember when Gatorade was available in 32 oz bottles & in many multiple flavors , , , Now they are only available in limited flavors & mostly only available in multi-packs of smaller sizes , , , So , the big corporation gets to initiate its economic forecasting to make decisions for our consumption of products regardless of its impact on environmental damages produced by producing their products into containers which produces more wasteful disposal of trash that is known to not be properly recycled , , ,

    Tell me again the story about people who have grandiose ideas to save the world & how well they sleep , , , I'm getting tired , , I just want to wake up , do my job , get the things I need to take care of what matters to keep going to work to come home & go back to sleep , , ,

    Please remind the last man , or woman, on earth to turn the lights off before they perish , , ,

  13. You cant talk about personal carbon footprint as long as you are referring only to one continent …
    Its counterproductive to implement taxes about it in north america and europe while nobody else does it or cares about it 🥱🥱
    Its either a global effort or not.
    And by the way things are looking now, its almost impossible for a global effort to be made in this direction.
    How can we afford to pay tax on personal carbon footprins while we still havent figured out world hunger poverty etc…🙄🙄

  14. Watching a video about how choice and reducing one’s impact on the environment on a small electrically powered device which is made of rear earth metals and is toxic (both to me using the device and the earth from which they mined and refined), and which is designed to require replacement every year or two, is illusionary is the definition of irony.

  15. Whoever think they have the power to change things on a personal level is foolish. As long as countries like India, china and USA don’t do anything countrywide, nothing will change. So enjoy your life and don’t worry too much. Just try not to waste just for wasting.

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