Your Children Are Under Attack

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  1. As a clinical psychologist for 30+ years, I have found that "clinical depression" is almost always associated with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, a feeling of being stuck with no way out. Some people do suffer from biological depression, where the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are due to neurotransmitter dysfunction. However, this is not quite the all-or-nothing split that we used to believe – there is a continuum, where some people are more pre-disposed to giving up, while others are more inclined to fight.
    In all these cases, depression leads to a nasty vicious cycle, where just sitting in your room feeling miserable only makes it worse.
    Low serotonin levels are exacerbated by lack of sunshine, a lack of exercise, and a lack of sense of meaning and self-worth.
    Even those who suffer from quite serious biological depression can take action to change their mood.
    Some years ago, I listened to a very inspiring presentation by a clinical psychologist who shared that he himself suffered from biological depression (and many of his family members likewise showed symptoms of serious depression, including suicide). He told his story, and then said: These are the things that I myself do, that work for me (and his clients too).
    The strategies include exercise, humour, doing something new, gratitude, caring for someone else (pets included), meditation – as a daily practice. I built up my list with a few more ideas, and got people to commit to 3-4 of them. There is more to it, of course, but when a person is stuck in depression (or demoralisation too) they often need coaching and support to take baby steps, and to persist. It's an area where therapeutic support can be really, really helpful. Not introspection therapy so much, but coaching support.

  2. such a good presentation. this helped me to remember that I am not always to blame for the guilt I am sometimes experience as a result of not fitting neatly into society. We must become obsessed with the truth to the point that it drives change. I am honoured to listen to skilled, experienced, yet normal i.e. compassionate people on this channel. Lastly if there ever some sort of climax to this ongoing chaos, I know I'd want a shotgun wielding Chris on my team

  3. Very important conversations.
    Through the years its always difficult for my friends to understand that I would rather stay home and build devices which might someday help the world.. I would rather do that than go out and chat @ a party. People/friends literally get offended. I feel like that is something which needs to change. Somehow in our society there is an "importance" ; some kind of social importance surrounding just sitting around and talking. Whilst I understand a certain level of community/socialization is healthy, I do not think it is healthy when "socializing" is the ONLY important thing a person has.

    There are so many amazing things which arise when you set out to solve real problems >> like getting water to crops >> maintaining these systems >> the compromise of keeping native plants which work well with your crops >> Understanding the mechanics of the technologies which bring us comfort(fix a fan; fix a power cord rather than throw away and buy new ; knowing how much energy savings a scroll pump compressor vs the old piston style ; seal the cracks in the window seals and door jams; understand which type of window blinds reduce energy bills; there should be ZERO food in the trash/garbage disposal, it should go in the compost ) =simple things normal people can do !!

    I think instead of using money to fix problems 100% of the time, people should take joy in the things they can do. Even if they are little things. This is your opportunity to do things up to your standards. To make an impression. To be "you." This is who you are, NOT the money. Money is who you are not. 🙂 The little things go a long way 🙂

  4. Chris you are right on the money. It is important to understand the demoralized mind because it is an step in the process of cultural subversion. Our entire culture morals and values are under attack.

  5. It is just his fantastic dreams, his vulgar folly that he will desire to retain, simply in order to prove to himself-as though that were so necessary- that men still are men and not the keys of a piano, which the laws of nature threaten to control so completely that soon one will be able to desire nothing but by the calendar. And that is not all: even if man really were nothing but a piano-key, even if this were proved to him by natural science and mathematics, even then he would not become reasonable, but would purposely do something perverse out of simple ingratitude, simply to gain his point. – Notes from underground, Dostoevsky

  6. We have far bigger problems in US schools than Gay/Trans issues. At least they tend not to shoot up buildings, be academically successful and ge tg good jobs. Florida uses this as a distraction while kids fail to learn, are surrounded by nonsense contradictions, and mass shootings every week.

  7. No fathers. Feminist say women must be independent so they can work in Amazon fulfillment centers and make mocha latte grandes and work at Dollar General selling plastic crap that people don’t want or need

  8. The amount of Companies that have now been taken over by larger companies in the food industry. Which in turn now pump out much more processed food, that is really bad for us, but very convenient. Full of sugar and salt, and other things that are not good for us in the amount that they put in to make them things taste better. Then there is the fact that there are no long out of season foods and we can now eat foods that where only available for a few months each year are now available all year round. With the rise in health issues that are now very common when they were once not so.
    Hopefully one way to fight back is to go back to eating seasonal foods and dropping as much of the processed foods as possible. AS most food companies have the same share holders as Big Pharma, which can be linked back to a certain type of person that only has their fanatical gains as their overall interest, not the good of the people that help them amass the great wealth. If we get rid of those type of people.

  9. Thank you for continuing to shine a light on how our government/society blatantly lies and deceives us for it's own benefit. I happily opted out because I need to show my children a brighter future is possible. God bless you ❤❤❤

  10. Something is wrong. I believe that all these horrible things is because of this consumerist, for profit society. The pharmaceutical industry is killing the young people for profit. They are drugdealers and prey on young ones (and older ones) who bevame demorilized.

  11. If there is no God, there is no purpose to our lives. This is the reason for such decline. We all have a hole to fill that only Jesus fills. All the other stuff matters, but if you don’t fill the hole with the perfect piece, it’s all for naught. It’s eternal. Start with Jesus. If you miss Him, nothing else will matter. Your value is priceless if you belong to Jesus. He gives meaning to it all. He created us to love us. We won’t find meaning unless we accept His love and remember where our value comes from every day. Then, when we put all this other stuff in it’s proper place, we won’t place so much value in superficial things. There is Peace when we receive and depend on the goodness of God, who died for us so we could have a redeemed relationship with Him. We must re-center ourselves on our creator and His purpose to find meaning. Nothing else makes sense, because it is out of His will. Hope you find the meaning of life. Then your perspective will put things in proper order.

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