Your Guide to the Great Reset


You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Written by corbettreport

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  1. The thought police is already a reality in some countries, like the UK (Count Drancula was arrested after posting a joke on FB for example) and Australia for discussing the protests against the lockdown.

  2. Sounds like we are listening to a Nazi Dictator… The Nazi's never lost the war they where saved through operation paper clip and put in high places like Universities Colleges Medicine Hospitals NASA, The Queen and her family are all German.. I share all your hard work on my pages and groups on fake book EXPOSURETV3 and Sunny420 Wasaga Beach, Cheers From Canada keep up the hard work..

  3. STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF! I won't be able to live under so much control. My artistic brain won't handle it. My solution to this much control is ….. out of here.


  5. I do not want their Safety, Equality, Sustainability, Medicine or Technology. I will not tolerate this and refuse any of it.

  6. I think one of the reasons everyone uses the same words because they listen to the person they think is in the know and they’re also sycophantic they just copy them and pretend it’s coming from them

  7. Swab makes complete sense . Fiat money system is dying due to over supply from automated manufacturing systems .
    I think Corbertte exagerates , and views these leaders as sinister , when it seems to me they are actually trying to be benevolent , to facilitate a comprehesible transition into the cyber age .
    . What from my listerning , Swarb is saying that the future is going to be very very different. Just as our world , would be incomprehesible to someone 500 years ago . Great technological change brings great sociological change Expecially if individuals are allowed free choice to explore what it means to be human , giving rise to many questions regarding personality Identity and tribal identity of our social species . Such choices produce great dissonence in the old culture ,older generation and old religions , who seek to anchor their tribalist identity to the past ; traditions are definitely a natural way from humans to socially orientate , but as always over the last 500 years , many shocks have been wraught to traditional societies / social structures . Its always the transition phase , the resocialization phase that disorientates people most . Think of the closing of the common lands in Britian through agricultural mechanization . British Establishement or Elites were completely unprepared to Imagine another sociological way of reorganization Thus this shock took hundreds of years to sociologically solve AND produced many unpleasant socilogical behavioural side effects that are still with us.

  8. 45:50 Now this is kind of odd but this is a true story. I have worked as an embedded software engineer on a product (designed by a French start-up company) that literally does what this guy is talking about. You know what sparked my curiosity most ? The fact that a major French weapons manufacturer was the major financier of that "medical" product's development.

  9. At 38 min in, I realized that Skynet is real and I’m expected a frigin terminator to come through a worm hole on live TV. ????? this is absolutely terrifying, thank you for your work

  10. This is why I think they are encouraging these morons to riot over nothing. Because they want your general population to say those guys are idiots, please crack down on them and stop them from destroying our cities. Then the powers that be will enforce draconian rules to stop them, because we asked them to, and they’ll have those in place for when we went to revolt against this great reset that will ultimately be massive suppression of our rights.

  11. One thing this will ultimately do is remove the purchaser or the consumer from the equation in a sense. All our “needs” will be provided to us by the government/ corporations for “free” and these technocrats who provide them they’ll receive contracts for all the goods and services they supply and we supply our labor probably to the government in return. This will take the pesky point of purchase consumer out of the formula so they can do away with marketing and all the aggravating convincing they have to do to get us to buy their product. We will be guaranteed consumers, a sure thing. Like livestock where they simply pour our food in the trough and we eat what we’re given. And the only marketing we will receive is propaganda convincing us how privileged and lucky we are to get it. Now get back to your cube and hush or we’ll put a pause on your transactions.

  12. You wake up, the planet is destroyed by us, there is a virus and a health crisis, wait until you hit the hospital. When you boil it down, the planet will shake itself of a self destructive species, and this time there will be no Noah. Denying the gravity of the disease you are encouraging people not to be careful and get seriously ill, or infect others who can die from it. Let you deal with this guilt in this life and for ever.

  13. MasterCard and the Rockefeller Foundation announced a "10 Million dollar challenge" looking for ideas of scalable data services in areas that are not as radiated (Wi-Fi) they want all bits of data from everyone everywhere and they're willing to pay big for it!

  14. Have you noticed that Jon Kabat Zinn, the brand owner of mindfulness meditation, is on board with the script of Schwab and his masters? How peculiar that so many "spiritual" franchisers are pushing hard the rise of technocracy. These people do not leave any sector of society alone, they put their dirty finger in every possible pie. Music, arts, spirituality, economy, university, politics….they are everywhere

  15. The goal is total control, stealing of wealth, subjugation, and elimination of most people. We need a great reset? Even the accent gives shivers to this pre-WWII child.

  16. James the truths here are very painful to see an especially accept. What can we do to throw a monkey wrench in the works of the criminal Elites. After all they only are 1%, we're 99%, how in the world can they pull this off and are we the 99% making all of this easy for them.. Is the word "aquiescing". ?

  17. Here’s those news articles from Fox about the pro Palestinian speaker you referred to. They don’t talk about cancellation, they criticize which is their right and they call him out on his rhetoric which is also their right.
    I would expect you to characterize things fairly and accurately. Try to do so in the future. It undermines everything else you say when you don’t.

  18. As per their actions, I seriously doubt the global elites wants Trump re-elected. Good, let’s put a finger in the globalists illuminati eye