Your Money is at Risk as Insolvencies Have Started and More are Coming

Regulators believe a major crypto lender is deeply insolvent and that investors are likely to lose everything. As asset prices continue to fall, more companies are going to become insolvent due to taking too much risk with client money. Investors should get their money out before they too are wiped out.

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. We are approaching the end of the long-term debt cycle. In my opinion in this phase, holding debt assets are super risky including bonds. <There will be definitely devaluation of currencies which cuts the purchasing power of currencies. This defeats the aim of investing (preserving purchasing power & achieving growth)

  2. Cryptos are nothing more than a digital illusion of wealth. They gambled in the most expensive casino in the world and their hand came up bust. Sometimes the big gamble pays off but most times, the house wins and you lose

  3. It's the subtle, understated nature of this channel that keeps me coming back. The world ends in every episode, except tonight's news isn't exactly new, and crypto isn't exactly mainstream finance. I feast on the agony of crypto bros as the 21st-century bonfire of the vanities burns on. Their screams of anguish bring me joy. May they lose every last penny.

  4. Haha Dixon I remember watching him on YouTube early on thinking how dishonest and untrust worthy he was just another bitcon pumper…. I'm a good judge of character…

  5. and isn't that really the value of crypto's? That you can take a billion worth of them with you, and hide out in the Maldives for the rest of your life? congratulations.

  6. People of America. All these grifters are lying to you. Shipping a container from China to the West Coast was $20,000 and has gone back down to $6000 per container. Record profits from inflated prices for retailers not the other way around

  7. I think you are absolutely correct in thinking 1% rate hi,e is coming. Dems are panicking and want to shut the economy down asap….just to say “we lowered inflation”……meanwhile putting us into a recession that who knows how bad it will be. Horrible economic management.

  8. Hi Steve. I’m a Huge fan of yours. . I have a question. What’s the best way to prepare for the upcoming recession? I have been planning for this event. I have sold out of all my stocks and I’m in cash now. I am 100% debt free and I own my properties outright. I have a substantial, safe pension and free healthcare for life. What else do I need to do ?

  9. Hey Steve. I’m a huge fan of yours. What’s the best way to prepare for the upcoming recession? I’m debt free , I own my properties outright. I am in cash now having sold all of my stocks . I have a large 401 and it’s in safe fixed income. I also have a safe secure pension and healthcare for life. I was planning on jumping back into the stock market following the crash. What else should I be doing ? Should I remove my money from banks? Are the banks going to crash also

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