Your Questions About Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in The Liver Cells Study

Your Questions About Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in The Liver Cells Study

An accepted and published Swedish study demonstrates for the first time the presence of Pfizer-BionTech vaccine DNA in the cell. It is reverse transcribed by LINE-1 proteins of the cells. They are not sure if it gets integrated in our DNA or not. Let’s review the details of their method.

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  1. I think we need to be really cautious about Rumble. Rumble is owned and run by really, really shady people. Odysee and LBRY are the cleanest things I've found so far and they are on the same "decentralized network."

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  3. Just because millions have had the jab and not too much has happen doesn't mean nothing will happened, just think if a person wanted to "thin the herd" out by giving an injection they wouldn't make an injection that thinned out the heard very fast, they would thin the herd out slowly like over maybe a decade or less so the injection would not be blamed

  4. Hello Dr, could Tinnitus (afters 3x Pfiser doses) mean a problem in perfusion of the inner ear? have been getting these lately, since summer i guess (migraine is another explanation), should one be worried/take action?

  5. Back in 5th grade the county nurse made us take a sugar cube with a red dot on it. MANDATORY. If I refused no report card no sports etc. Back then I was the only one who complained.

  6. Pfizer has be obliterated after a while. This is too much what they've done. The RNA – based 'vaccine' producing fragments of it's own DNA sounds like a foreign material resides in the human host cells. That's horrifying. That's why people are asking questions.

  7. There's not one single anything that proves the vaccines are doing something good, but rather there's proof that shows the damages even death. Others use their words to promote their agenda. (It looks more like a plan of action between governments science and Hollywood, who and why has this vaccines been pushed upon the people? Why??

  8. What do you say about using activated charcoal+ magnesium citrate with black walnut for two weeks at mealtime. Another doctor noticed a parasite in the vaccine under microscope. I witnessed the very abnormal behavior in the video. Would this combination work to flush toxins caused by mrna vaccine/jab?

  9. My dad is vaccinated and has suddenly developed liver cancer. He doesn’t drink, was healthy and able before vaccine and has declined in health rapidly after 2nd vaccine.

  10. The sharp pain I usually felt inside my ear was unbearable for me that I had to use herbal supplements from Dr Madida on YouTube for treating my Tinnitus and tuberculosis condition and after using the supplements for several weeks the pain stops completely and I have being examining myself for months now without the pain coming back.

  11. I watched your video and tried to follow as best I could through my brain fog. I received the Pfizer vaccine about 17 months ago. My family insisted due to my lack of good immune system. I am in stage 4 liver cirrhosis (NASH) but had been holding my own. After getting the vaccine I have been feeling much worse. My Hematologist sees me twice a year. Are there any of the standardized tests I have done for him that might show a correlation with your subject? I have hepatic encephalopathy which causes brain fog but it has gotten worse to the point I can not go anywhere on my own.. My balance is so bad that walking is a challenge all it's own. Is there anything I should make my doctor aware of? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  12. But of course. The evil enterprise (Pfizer) deploys evil cadets to work in "vaccine efficacy studies" (one of them M-a-r-i-n-a N-o-b-l-e a/k/a M-a-r-i-n-e M-k-h-i-t-a-r-y-a-n from Massachusetts, a former Armenian prostitute with criminals records, who not only has stayed in the US illegally but also is a cretin). This empty-head and immoral woman (who works for Pfizer to deliver her "opinion" about the vaccine study results) is a reason that the demoralized Pfizer fails.

  13. Thanks for this video. I had COVID a year ago which caused pneumonia and a heart attack. Afterward, I had the Janssen Vaccine and have been considering the Pfizer because it is all that's available to me. Your video made it easier for me to decide to go ahead and get the vaccine.

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