Your Top Property Questions Answered…

A short segment where I answer some of the top questions from my inbox relating to the current property dynamics in Australia.

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  1. The powers that be need the pain to be at max level so the weak must give in and sell low. They will push until that happens, then swoop in to buy up all they can. My opinion.

  2. I recently pushed CBA to reduce my rate by around 0.85% by using their own Unloan product rate against them. They weren’t willing to meet their Unloan cheaper rate because they only refinance with that product. I intend to refinance at a lower rate right after they give us the top up we need. Then we can kick them to the curb. They created an exact copy called Homepath during the 2008 financial crisis to capture the low end of the market and then later merged them back in…they are doing the same thing with Unloan now I expect. Monopolies gonna monopoly.

  3. Different homes on the same street are going in different directions eg high side of the street holding well, homes with better views holding well, homes with larger land sizes holding well etc.

  4. The US dollar is high and unlikely to come down soon. While oil/energy cost is high, but reducing in US$ terms not in other currencies. Global energy, metals, minerals and fertilizers supply are all challenged, inflation will not decline unless there is a very serious recession/depression. Property prices will be at best flat to down at worst 50% down.

  5. Surly prices drop more than 20%. Massive amount of leverage on low rates and rates normalising. I reckon Roger brown is could be right with a 50-70% drop in housing. Still gets us to $600,000 median price

  6. You CANT have high int rates and abnormally high house prices, its just maths and like 2008, 99.8% of people denied the maths just like evolution and any proven science. This time, everywhere is bubbled and only debt and no savings anywhere to escape to.
    So the crash that will be written about way worse than 1929 and the GFC, is already started and will never repeat as rules will be in place and culture now and billionaire funds will own all and most will have to rent is where we are going. Of course like 2000, we could see a fang crash with crypto and all the houses cheap like in the US, So anything is now possible as socialist govts are WW now and spending like they try to do to get out of debt??? hmm and proof shows these countries end up wrecked just as Biden and the left are doing to the US till the mid terms when that will be stopped by the Rep's and borders go back up and impeachments start and they know it!!!

  7. I would have thought an explanation of why the sudden and rapid increase in "Price Withheld" would have been asked as this makes "price discovery" for recent sales virtually non-existent

  8. Wanna live somewhere where there is beautiful women and affordable homes? Wait till the shits settled between Ukraine and Russia lol 😆

    Bargains will be available once it's all over

  9. If the RBA are series about getting inflation under control the Interest rate needs to match or be 50 basses points higher than the inflation rate to get it under control. That equites to a 9 to 10% interest rate. But as we all know the real inflation rate is at least 13%. You cant get a 13% inflation under control with a 4% interest rate. I am talking real inflation now not the CPLie because that is what really matters.

  10. Hoping to see 35% increase to electricity and gas prices, a wage price spiral and the Fed hiking about 5% so that the RBA cannot weasel its way out of facing the music with the property ponzi it helped create. Yes, some people will struggle in the short term but our society and economy will be better for it in the long term and future generations will thank us.

  11. My repayments have gone up $150 per month: July $20. Aug $40. Sep $55. Oct $44. From $711 per month to $860. But I pay an extra $2400 per month. as far as increases looks like I'm two rate increases behind another .5 and a .25

  12. (3.5% interest rates low). The same people who caused this rental crisis (government) will cause an investment led property boom starting no later than 6 to 9 months time. and as I have mentioned before there is no crash until 2026/2027 then there will be a big big crash.

  13. Thanks, Martin.
    Interestingly, Gareth Aird reckons that the rates will peak at circa 3%. I really can't see that happening. Because, as you have said, inflation will continue upwards.
    My theory is that Aird and friends are trying to calm the population and keep public sentiment positive regarding the markets. The steady stream of MSM stories talking up future market performance flies in the face of futures markets predictions. If markets and the economy are so healthy, we wouldn't have needed $780,000,000 in QE, would we?

  14. I thin kit is Wales that are now going to be taxing multiple property owners who have holiday homes and air BNBs some large amounts. NZ has the same problem, and it something that is ignored as being a big part of why there are a lack of houses. But the problem is that the people making the decisions are often multiple property owners, so they don't want to be taxed more. So many of the decision makers have vested interests

  15. The mortgage is an investment product for banks. Australia has 5 banks in the top 10 ASX companies by mkt cap. Yes housing should be a right but sadly no.
    The government, banks, stock market ASX, superannuation, RBA, forign investors, developers, and a 2/3 of the population view property as a wealth genorating asset not a home. It's like walking into a casino and being upset that the house always wins.
    Sadly in the case if the house looses everyone in the system will loose.

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