Your Wallet Ain’t Ready For This…

Lies. Lies. Lies. Yeah!

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  1. Hmmm…. So why aren't the rich being tax again?🤔
    Seems to me they're going after we the poor people again… I wonder why….🤔🤔🤔
    I have an answer on the tip of my tongue… But I just can't seem to….🤔🤔

  2. The Democrat-controlled Congress has spent something like $13.5 trillion during this administration. An almost inconceivable amount of money! They should be able to wipe out hunger with a few billion, and most diseases with a few billion more. Not only do we not have flying cars and robot maids, they want to shake us down for another $16B? WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THE $TRILLION$???

  3. This is why I never trusted Manchin. He's playing a game for his own benefit. It's not the spending that bothers him, it's that his pet projects didn't get attention…well, now he's been given the empty promise of a Pipeline and subsidiaries for West Virginia Coal Mining.

  4. Good thing that those unwilling to work wl be getting even more of the taxpayer's paychecks given to them by democrats desperate to buy votes.
    We all knew what was coming, working people always take it right up the ass and Biden was going to be the guy doing it.

    Good bye United States, the next war of secession is one day closer.

  5. Getting americans to kill each other is the point, has been since 2016, the democrats are pawns of the billionaires of the World Economic Forum who want to massively decrease the world population and then rule what’s left with an iron fist. If people need to fight something it’s not their neighbours.

  6. Looking at the table, I'm seeing a 0.1% – 0.6% increase in the average tax rate…how is this not just a Joe Manchin hit job by tying his name to this? All the hysteria seems to be from the headline-consuming public at large. "16 billion dollar tax hike" granted, any tax raise is BS, but the outrage here seems to be overblown

  7. That's literally includes the whole world, in Europe the goverment promised solutions at the earliest in the fall, in the meantime people can't effort most basic things, due to horrific prices.

  8. Okay, what is so wrong about taxing people who make over 200 k more? You trying to tell me you think the average American makes that much? Fuck em, they can pay. You’re really cranking out the shit takes lately.

  9. I think it's time to just hold a separate election. No parties allowed to run. One big club and they won't be in it. It will be similar to what they are doing to us. When they did it, they had money. We don't have that but we DO have numbers. When their election rolls around we will all write in our candidate.

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