‘You’re a lawyer with no scientific background’: Rand Paul attacks Sec. Becerra on vaccine mandates

Thursday, Senator rand Paul bashed HHS Sec. Becerra over vaccine mandate during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing to examine school reopenings during Covid-19

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  1. I'd say 99% of you people commenting on this genius word game from Mr. Rand a bit more carefully. Not telling you – just suggesting it. Once you've figured it out what he actually tries to portray in his rant, you may want to look up the subject "Confirmation Bias" – in what ever browser on whatever device you may choose. Note: it is a medical term and comes from the evolutionary psychology side of things, so I assume some people will be bias.
    Once you've read that and digested it all, then listen to the video again and ask yourself this: when you had a diseaseshealthcare

  2. The fact that the Israel study isn't talked about more in the media proves that they DON'T follow the science. That's just a nice catch phrase to get you do ONLY listen to them…usually CNN or MSNBC.

  3. By now its perfectly obvios to any independently thinking human being – if you want to understsnd the deathly role of psycopathy and sociopathy in our society, you need not only review the case histories of Jeffrey Dahmer etc., but also eatch these hearings. Remeber- none of these folks calling the shots on covid have been vetted re MMPI 16 STREES POINT TEST and or any other psychological betting as per required in such a powerful role! PROBABLY not even criminal record checks!

  4. I love you sen. rand Paul. point out the common sense for that millions who have been infected and lost loved one’s that have no word big enough for people to hear ❤️

  5. Rand Paul has incriminate the United States in the development and release of the covid virus. He talks but doesn't think. The republican administration has committed the greatest genocide in American history. Ignorance and arrogance.

  6. Both are idiots. What study is Rand referring to? There are several Israeli studies showing this, but none had 2.5 million patients conferring a 7 fold increase. He should have been specific and quoted the first author. One huge caveat to the Israeli studies is the selection bias: the “previously infected” all survived Covid, thus they have a Darwinian advantage. It’s called survival of the fittest. Prospective randomized controlled trials eliminate this bias. The two New England Journal of Medicine studies that got the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines approved are much more conclusive than any retrospective study. Sorry Paul Rand.

  7. With all of the arguments Sen. Paul is trying to present, this is the only one I agree with. Officials without a degree or background in science should have someone who is an expert in the field, PRESENT IN hearings to consult to prevent confusion or misleading information. I also agree that naturally immuned individuals should have the option to be vaccinated or not while waiting for the studies since it shows that they do have antibodies. Until they can prove that unvaccinated COVID survivor are still at high risk in dying of COVID, it may not be needed.

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