“You’re Being SILENCED!!” How The Left SHUT YOU UP!!

This week on Under The Skin, I spoke with Dr Brad Evans about how politics has collapsed into a social media driven puritanism.
#BigTech #Censorship #Trump

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Great conversation. My understanding of ‘God’ in this context though is something that was invented by the state a few hundred years ago so that religion became mediated by those in power and people could be more easily manipulated by those in power. My partial understanding is that the plague was used by the politically controlled church to scare people into obedience to this punitive idea of god and to help scapegoat all the outsiders, freethinkers, herbal doctors – by branding them all as witches… so in a strange way history is repeating itself – maybe not exactly but there are certainly parallels…

  2. At this point. I just want Trump to kick in the fucking door of these evil freaks who mock our principles, trash our nation, and call us facists and racists when guess what cheering on the establishment the "FR" one. We had a chance and we fucked up, idiots out here fucked up, time to realize if we take a bullet for a child or politicize our justifications for sexually touching one… a truly disgusting world we've plunged into.

  3. Well I may not be the smartest monkey in the tree , to me it seems if the people in charge have lost their freaking minds ! Politics corruption yah yah history if filled with such but they at least covered it up and hid it from view these blumers just blam put it all out in the wind not even trying to hide it anymore which tells me either they are not worried about repercussions or they are desperate or all the above I mean look we all know right from wrong good from bad blah blah blah what ever plan it is they want to keep us segregated unbalanced discombobulated and confused as well as hopeless – we all need to come together kick em in the nutz and tell we ain’t going to take it

  4. Yep! Outrageous? … It's like being trapped within a temporarily permanent episode of 'Scrubs' on Groundhog Day .. that's what I say and now I'll shut up jaja 🙂 food for thought, no?
    To be outrageous now I guess one has merely to walk around with one's face fully exposed at all times. Remember BSE ? (it was horrific!) I was given my first introduction to the relative scale of construction as well as what can go where and which biochemical highways and byways are used to get anywhere within the realm of microbiology by a Queen's University (Belfast) graduate who was working 'in the field' (always gets me) at the time. Perception, Natural (normal) State of Being and Sense of Proportion have a BIG (forgive me, forgive me, forgive me … and now I've forgotten * ) part to play in concluding anything about anything … which, of course, happens just about every time a decision has to be made. Make Sense? well, it depends, innit !! Zorro.


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  7. I consider myself to be a progressive liberal, but I agree with what Brad is saying and I think it's always important to be self critical about your beliefs. The more we marginalize either side and force them out of "the conversation", the more we radicalize them and create even tighter cliques of, like was said here, puritanical thinking which just continues to move us away from being able to move forward in any meaningful way for the betterment of us all. I'm not quite sure when having a progressive mindset made me a moderate in some eyes. What a time to be alive.

  8. What a load of bollox , Weve been & still will be trumped as we where & have been from the age of recognition of governments ffs & therefore unless those that can be bothered with this left wing / right wing stand against the same old silencing system thats been around forever .
    Stay upright & centred with your thoughts or be collected via channels maybe like this !!!

    I.E be a thoughtful good human being & all goodness will be there and abundant , Unless of course you want to be a different cunt !!!

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