you’re doing it wrong (climate protests)

Future Super:

Here’s something easier and more effective than attending climate protests for you. *friendlyjordies is not a financial advisor.
Yes, Jordan’s appearances in the media will be covered soon.


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  1. Yep, I’m all for clean energy – NUCLEAR – when you look at the land clearing required for wind and solar to generate required power, the habitat loss, danger to bird species etc, nuclear comes out as better for the environment on a global scale/ research should also be focussed on Thorium.

  2. Future Super look pretty good but I'm not sure about their fees, Regardless, I checked with my super fund and they have a 'Socially Conscious' investment setting with similar returns to FS.

  3. This fund has double the fees and can't match the returns of my current fund. Plus they are tied to "sub-funds" Verve and Cruelty Free, which are feminist and vegan funds. Also with stupid high fees. Veganism is a sickness cult and a complete scam, so this is too much of a red flag to ignore. The so called "ethics" of these sub-funds are also partly embedded in the Dos and Don'ts of Future Super.
    Vegan diets are the epitome of malnourishment and mental illness. Simply watch the growing number of ex-vegan videos for a true insight into what it does to people. It is an eating disorder and in no way benefits health or animals. Those are simply proxies used to fool people into joining the cult.
    Take care of yourselves and question everything. Peace

  4. Honestly been considering changing super for ages now since mine was set up by hungry jacks (yes I know how sad) years ago. This was the push I needed, and least I get to do something, however big or small

  5. I looked into future super and they are as woke as it gets. The saying goes, "get woke go broke" and I can't risk my life savings with people controlled by social justice issues.

  6. Thanks dude, this is extremely interesting and informative. I think I will make my way to switching over. I switched my bank to Bank Australia lately for the exact same reasons *Disclaimer: I am also in no way paid by or affiliated with them, I just hate the big 4 or big 3 scheming evil banks with a passion.

  7. I switched. I work for Coles, and when you sign up they make you join Rest for your super. After watching this I contacted Rest and asked them what they invest in, and they refused to reveal that information because "there's not enough proof" that I was a member… despite including my name, employer, address, member number, TFN, and a photo of my fucking membership card, BUT NOT ENOUGH PROOF I was really a member.

    I signed up to Super Future and literally the first thing you see is what they invest you super into.

  8. A little bit greater depth to your argument would be nice. What we need is renewables with storage, not just renewables as in wind/solar. Otherwise we would have an unstable, high cost national grid where it’s hard to keep the lights on. It’s going to cost more than 7-8% of a relatively small number of people’s Super to get the 100% renewables-based system we need. Currently, renewables plus storage is still a bit dearer than coal. Further there are more jobs in coal fired power than in renewables once built.

    South Australian provides the example of too much wind/solar (now well over 50%) without enough storage. Very cheap wind/solar puts cheapish coal out of business but entails a high reliance on expensive peaking gas supply (particularly since that dill Gillard allowed bulk exports of East Coast gas supplies through Qld pushing the domestic price of gas through the roof).

    Under a 100% renewables grid we risk having far too much power on a sunny breezy spring/autumn afternoon but bugger all on a calm evening, we need storage to be able to balance demand and supply at all times or the system crashes. Storage as in pumped hydro, batteries, solar thermal, hydrogen or spinning wheels is expensive.

    Most South Australians (and Victorians for that matter), households and businesses, would happily swap their high power bills for the low power bills of black coal Queensland.

  9. awesome Jordie . I like how you find solutions ,other than voting out the conservative criminals thanks I am gonna switch even though , although I have fk all supper

  10. Everyone needs to realize something. Please read on.

    If it weren't for the Chinese, CV would be a non-issue. If you're a proud citizen of your country, irregardless of wherever it may be there is one thing we much see. The stranglehold had upon us, and absolutely especially in Australia, must be realized and acted upon should we wish to enjoy a vibrant and prosperous future.

    The western world is focused largely upon the issues of America all the while the horrendous acts of the CCP and the people of China go unnoticed. Australia Belongs to China!

    Serpentza will elaborate for you.

    Australians, please stop arguing about the left and the right, who's right and who's wrong. We need to concentrate focus upon the corrupt Australian government for selling us out to COMMUNIST CHINA. We are being flanked by the real enemy while they cause raptures in the fabric of the west so as to avert out attention. This is a very serious matter that if a solution isn't arrived at we may now we may be at the crossroads of war in the future.

    I don't know what can be done except nothing will ever change unless people are knowledgeable about the true threat to democracy. COMMUNIST CHINA.

  11. Future Super is great if you have a low balance (<$6k attacts no fees), Australian Ethical is also a great fund that has performed spectacularly well during COVID (Their tech and healthcare investments really paying off) – definitely also check them out if you still want something ethical (that will also perform super well) with lower fees

  12. Just got off the phone with future super for a survey after switching to them a month ago. They say this video netted them 3,000 new members which is pretty sick. Well done friendlyjordies!

  13. Dude – 100% "offset" with renewables is not the same as 100% baseload reliable power. In other words, are cities or nations claiming to have really high renewables importing power from elsewhere at night or in off seasons like winter? EG: Germany imports French nuclear power at night or in winter. Please don't hear me saying I'm against renewables – they're the fastest way we can decarbonise the first half of the grid, maybe the first 2/3rds. But that last third might prove REALLY expensive and really hard unless we have clean nuclear ready to go. Dr James Hansen said believing in 100% renewables is like believing in the Easter Bunny. He recommends nuclear power, especially breeder reactors that eat nuclear waste getting 90 times the energy out of the fuel. The final waste product from breeders is only hot for 300 years – 1 golf ball per person lifetime of waste.

  14. Future Super specifically state they will not invest in nuclear despite the fact that the world's most famous climatologist, Dr James Hansen, says we need nuclear!

  15. I switched to an ethical super plan (not Future Super, but they look good too) long long ago (before it was cool! woo – I'm a hipster!!). I thought, at the time, I would be taking a minor personal-wealth hit for the greater good (myself included in benefiting from the general greater good as compensation). Boy was I wrong! My super is healthier than it would otherwise be AND the greater good is marginally improved too.

  16. Heya Jords great video

    Got a couple of questions is it hard to go about switching super and how do I find out about my current super I’m just in a stick standard commonwealth one

    Cheers mate thanks for the info

  17. I love the idea, but the one flaw is, younger people, like most of those who watch FriendlyJordies, tend to have way below average amounts of super. I really hope this idea can be accomplished, but I think it remains to be seen.
    And I know that ethical super funds tend to outperform unethical ones, but what is the broader public perception? I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of people (mistakenly) perceived it as "riskier." People have a lot of weird ideas about things, largely due to the fact that we're all propagandised by the media our entire lives, and the flow-on effects of that.