You’re Not Going To Like This

Pfizer’s CEO has said that a fourth booster shot ‘is necessary’. But it’s definitely not about profit. The fact that it’s the most lucrative medicine in history has nothing to do with it. Don’t you even suggest it. #Pfizer #Pandemic #Covid


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I think this: The earth is filled with humans that makes the biggest shit reality show in the universe.

    New York times, also can't be trusted anymore they ruined there own brand, like most of the rest.

  2. Russell, I don't think mandates are solely the problem, the fact that people are getting sick and certain people are making billions right now is horrific, Can anyone stop and think about that smh oh my, why wud Anyone make Anything to be safe and healthy if people are making millions off of common citizens being unhealthy smh reason why u can't see doc for 3 reasons now, Now, seperate appointments smh the bigger picture is evil, it's not just mandates, it's that fact that the shot is also dissipating and perpetuating the virus smh if there wasn't a shot available, there wudnt be a Pandemic, I think it's obvious now..

  3. Truth is, we can't as a nation afford to get rid of the NHS and go private, most people won't be able to afford it. We're not huge like America, we won't be able to deal with (or the government hide the truth about) the huge numbers of people becoming sicker as a result of not being able to pay insurance costs. I'm going to mention a potential elephant in the room, are we experiencing an attempt, through social and structural means to break our country? Seems so. Also, i'm wondering back to the time when people were suspicious that the MMR vaccine caused Autism in children, maybe that's needs to be looked at again.

  4. Remember this man's also a pawn in the game Alice goldsmiths the hint her brothers are big in pfizer one is a tory mp married into the rothschilds man has share in the company 🤣🤣🤣👁

  5. Newer viewer but you're definitely top of the watch list. Short concise pieces full of information, great questions, positive vibes, and a sprinkle of timely sarcastic humor. I'd watch an extra episode here and there.

  6. How dare you! Just get your shots without question like the rest of the sheeple. The government knows what's best for you, don't listen to your doctor.

  7. Is there anything they can make to help the large amount of people seriously injured from the first one? Maybe that wouldn't make any money, but instead imply culpability. Horrible thing making money from health, eh?

  8. South africa is in the process of passing legislation to force vaccine mandates amd mask wearing when the rest of the world amd scientists have all concluded we are in endemic phase! Its all about money, control amd corruption in SA. These laws go against our constitution 😵we have NO SAY!!

  9. Hello there you 5.2 million misleadable one, let me think for you and say what you"d like to hear the most! Subscribe for more demagogue, bagatellized, whispering alternativestream to support my and alikes corporate interest! Bear pandemics and relativize wars! And dont forget to buy tickets for my upcoming "show" near you! (…)

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