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  1. It good that they admit to the issue at hand here, and what grief it might cause some (if not MANY) content creators, such as yourself… But will they actually do something about it?
    I might come across as a bit of a pessimist here, but I don't think that their measures to handle this have been effective at all; acknowledgement is a good sign, but it means nothing if there isn't going to be the necessary actions to undo the damage or prevent this sort of thing from repeatedly occurring. This may just be my opinion, and Susan might be a nice woman, but it has become apparent to me that maybe she's not the ideal leader for this platform. Maybe YouTube has lost understanding of what it's meant to represent, when the tagline 'Broadcast Yourself' was implying that anyone, big or small, could use this platform… Now, it means little, since the idea of Fair Use apparently means nothing to YouTube.
    Anyways, good video Sinatra.


  2. I cut together RFK's mindless menace of violence speech and it got copyright claimed by cbs for the walter cronkite album "I Can Hear the 60's" that came out in 1970.
    "Oh, I can remember Bobby being killed like it was yesterday. I can't believe it was the day before last…"

  3. Just more evidence showing how much Youtube 'cares' about the mental health small independent creators.
    Strikes should be handed out to the corporations/channels that make the 'false flag' claims.

  4. I have fake claims from two remixers who used original copyrighted material on an alt channel.
    The tetris GBA music. Type A. It's owned by like 10+ different people, and it randomly picks who it owns it on uploading the original.

    I dare not dispute them cause a dispute loss ALWAYS gives a strike. I don't even care to get revenue. I just want the fake claims gone.

  5. Great… sue them. They're in breach of standing federal communications law. They're aiding and abetting financial fraud by allowing copyright claims made in bad faith which, as we saw in the Rittenhouse trial, is kind of a big deal in court proceedings.

  6. Not at all surprised, Sinoot.

    This is why I warned you about ALR and co. – they're false flagging people using 'Copyright' to try and get channels demonetised or removed. Shanny tried that same scam with Irate Alex as well. It's a false claim, but too late when the damage is done to put anything right. The last thing that I'd want to happen to you is for you to get your channels pulled because YT thinks you are literally a 'Nahtzee', I remember Drunkle got his channel deleted for a time as well?

    Too many people on YT only watch the numbers, rather than the ground the platform is built upon. If YT had to name the people(s)/account(s) behind these claims and allow people to settle their differences amicably then that would make for a better platform.

    Yes, there'll be times when somebody infringes copyright quite by accident, but applying sense and logic rather than 'I want you banned for reasons' works far better.

    If YT wants to make a difference, fire Susan Wojak Horseface and reinstate Chen and the gang who started it. Otherwise, YT should prepare to go the way of Netscape, Faceparty, MySpace, AltaVista and HotBot.

  7. Copyright content on YouTube, even if it's the birthday song, is universally subject to copyright claim, even if the YouTuber has permission from the IP and copyright owner(s), even if its the person who owns the content themselves. Been broken for years, but false copyright claims have been a thing since the original owners of YouTube were sued out of business and YouTube was bought by Google.

  8. Pretty sure my favorite dragonball edit channel got taken down during this. His name was Lezbeepic and I loved his videos, primarily Majin Vegetas Pride and Goku vs Hit Kaoiken times 10, but I can't find his channel anywhere

  9. I got my wife on Pimp my Ride. Still have her car. As one of the only people who kept their car I'm working on a where are they now follow up series. It is hit or miss using content from the show. And sometimes it will go fine and then less than 7 seconds triggers it. Lame.

  10. I'm new to making youtube videos and have been avoiding it with heavy editing and trying to always ALWAYS use creative commons licensed content, but I'm sure I'll eventually be slapped with some nonsense eventually.

  11. I'm not surprised. There are no other platforms that are big and popular enough to compete with YouTube. That's why they don't care. That's why they feel like they can do whatever they want and get away with it which they have. Until they get some strong competition, they're going to continue this and get worse in the process. We know where their allegiance lies in term of censorship.

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