YouTube Admitted Censorship – New Merch!

Only a few days left!

Written by laowhy86

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  1. I see the words Wumao and commie all over the place. Ask yourself why this dink is lying to you. He literally said Canada is working with the Chinese Communist Party. Just because the extreme left is abusing our free speech in order to say subversive things via our free press (exactly the same way it does all over the West) that doesn't mean China has any Western allies. At all.

  2. I still havent received the t-shirt I ordered from you/teespring almost 3 months ago. It's the black one that is usually advertised below your videos. What's going on?

  3. I mean same thing happens in US like the Epestin documentary. U can't find it in the search result, so you can only access it through the direct link

  4. What does china have on YouTube? I've noticed that they seem to go so far left they fell off. And seem also to bend a knee to China, then in that position spread the cheeks wide as they go in for the deep kiss. Can anyone please tell me why? Do they get kick backs from china? God they'll get ripped apart if they are.

  5. Maybe this is naive… but is it possible that some idiot at google/youtube just copy pasted an "official" list of Chinese obscenities that included this word without bothering to check what words they were blocking? From what I understand isn't youtube blocked in China? Why would youtube care about offending the CCP?

  6. Great video!!! Agreed so much with the wu mao opinion of yours and love the merch idea lmao … made me so sad to find out learn and in my research that my industry (working on film sets) are stretching the patience of writers like me and well known writers that have been my colleagues (i wish i could name drop but i cant out of respect) but the censors are alive and well in our media and film /tv. A simple hongkong quote causes drama that should be so clear in terms of human rights. But doing what you do best @laowhy86.

    Again your good fan from central Canada!

  7. There are no doubt people that support the CCP and are working at Google……they have probably added the word to the filter along with many others

    I have had comments not post when using Chinese words that are censored in CCP land