YouTube bans all anti-vaccine content from platform

YouTube has banned all videos featuring anti-vaccine content.

The new rule prohibits videos from making false allegations about any vaccine – including that they do not reduce transmission – that they cause autism – or that they can track recipients.

The video sharing platform began banning videos last October for spreading unfounded claims the jab didn’t work or was dangerous.

The accounts of multiple prominent anti-vaxxers have also been banned.

YouTube has removed more than 130,000 videos since last year for sharing vaccine misinformation.


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  1. So if a scientist produces a report stating the bleeding obvious, that the vaccine is not only essentially ineffective as per the definition of a real vaccine, but also potentially dangerous/life threatening, then this is removed by YouTube. But they'll leave Andrews, Sutton, Berijklian, etc on all day every day stating that they won't release the data to quantify lockdowns, vaccine mandates, police violence against the people, destruction of livelihoods/businesses/education/mental health, etc. Seems fair. 🤬🤬🤬

  2. So much for a free thinking society. Mind you – YouTube is owned by GOOGLE – and the major shareholder is the SAME major shareholder of the major Vaccine Manufacturers. Bias? Yep.

  3. Wtf… but it can be dangerous… all vaccines can have adverse reactions. It doesn't matter of they're rare side effects or common. Banning people from making informed decisions is ridiculous. There have absolutely been reported cases of vaccine injury from all of the mrna vaccines. Autism- no microchips- no.. but anaphylaxis absolutely, mycarditis YES neuropathy YES DVT YES!!! NO VACCINE IS 100% SAFE

  4. And covid19 can absolutely be transmitted by fully vaccinated people. I literally have fully vaccinated friends who have passed it onto other family members in the same household.

  5. We love real vaccines the ones that work you know the ones that aren’t experimental ones that if you have a reaction you can’t sue to get compensation. You keep your shot I had covid and not a single symptom I’m not scared of it like they are trying to do. Vote trump 2024 to fix this and jail the dictators vote red in 2022 to get the crazy’s outta office

  6. To everyone whinging, remember that YouTube is a private company, NOT a publicly owned one. If you don't like their rules, go start your own equivalent! Grow up you big babies!

  7. “You do not become a ''dissident'' just because you decide one day to take up this most unusual career. You are thrown into it by your personal sense of responsibility, combined with a complex set of external circumstances. You are cast out of the existing structures and placed in a position of conflict with them. It begins as an attempt to do your work well, and ends with being branded an enemy of society.”

    ― Vaclav Havel

  8. If everybody I know who's got the vaccine said they regret getting it. Also the ones who do have the vaccine don't seem too confident in it considering that they're more scared of the unvaxed I thought it was supposed to protect the vaccinated from the unvaxed so what the hell's all this madness about anymore. I still see more people veering off the road texting and driving who are still dying in car accidents so at this point I can't weigh the evidence anymore we're gonna get our number called one day so live 1 day at a time

  9. We seem to back in the days of Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators with free speech being so heavily disallowed and censored by Youtube in exactly the same way as in those times! I think everyone should have a right to say what they believe even if others think they are wrong in what they believe, particularly as often in the past people that have been thought to be wrong in their particular beliefs at the time have subsequently been shown to be right in what they have said all along! Brent Collins.

  10. They can remove all they like, the diabolical handling of this farce is why people have no faith. The lies, the false data, the silencing of top scientists , Dr's, professionals etc…and because of Fauci! Let them keep pushing, it just strengthens the fight.

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