Youtube BANS Russell Brand & Elon Musk Steps In As It Massively Backfires! Game Changer For Creators

Youtube fact checks Russell Brand and it massively backfires! Check Out Our Salted Caramel!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. Yes, the double standard is SOOO wrong. And bad from YouTube. But just edit the false (mistake) info and upload AGAIN, what's the f-ing problem? And use that as a talking-point about the double standard. Me, I don't want misinformation anywhere.
    Say there are (ACTUAL) misinformation about YOU, don't you want that gone?

  2. I suggested it when Trump was president – his admin, including his tweets, should have published on Nu-Tech platforms first and have a delay of a day before publishing on Establishment Tech. This would have forced all the mainstream media (and normies) to engage there.

  3. NO! YouTube is not only trying to control the narrative. They are trying to control where everyone goes to get their information on a particular topic or subject. For example, if the big media is talking about say another laptop scandal, they may pay YouTube to stop anyone else from talking about it so that means more traffic to the big media YouTube post on that 2nd laptop scandal.

  4. No there is not a "different standard". The ONLY standard is DEEP STATE PROPAGANDA. Every lie they allow benefits Deep State Democrats. Every "lie" they take down was censored to hurt freedom loving Americans.

  5. This is more proof that information is being censored. Think about it: you can't talk openly about a thing that someone misspoke on in fear of getting a strike yourself? So we can't correct ourselves and we can't talk about what we did wrong meaning no one else can learn from that type of mistake.

  6. I think the way it works actually is people spend time on youtube for 'fun stuff' and then they see a clip and get drawn into 'political' shows. I'm not sure people just go on here LOOKING for political content. Indeed, there might be a core base formed that does that now but…I think a lot of it is 'stumbling upon' it. I might be wrong?

  7. 13:30 ish
    Me.. it's me. Lol thanks YT. 😊 let's hope that Bill Texas has moving into the federal courts system won't take too long to pass. Even if they amend it to say that it would only affect specific channels and not the platform as a whole it's still some extra defense.

  8. Not physical solution needed/unknown, only mental for Extreme Human Advancement. United World YouthOrg silence inheritance like 1989 China. The Venus Project for the youth, (ed/health/universe) free the old from the broke(n) carbon farmed slave populated infrastructure proven unsustainable on a Titanic ride under cloud. Just a line in the sand away. Ego and money mix, intellectually tiring, but so obviously inefficient, dangerous, uncreative (war$ after war$), and, evil. Money and Ego, the greatest evil MUST be dissolved for truth thus vision thus infinity/efficiency. Solution so simple, Ironically, Disruptively needed for Infinity. This may be The Final Test.

  9. I don't think people appreciate what happened, here – a massively popular figure was banned, not for what he did, but because Twitter decided to label him 'far right' (which is hilarious) – that's the trick. First, they train you to react to 'far right' as wholly evil, then they slap the label on anyone they don't like so they can punish them with impunity.

  10. Views on YT are inflated and borderline fake. I have personally experienced mallware in browser extensions that "view" videos from my account, they are visible in my view history, however I have never watched them. There are many adds served directly via YT that lead to videos insted of ads just to boost views. This does not mean that Google is doing this, however it does mean that thousands of views are not "real" and that they are not necessairly indicative of a platform, creator or video popularity.

  11. We are heading into massive problems with information flow. Misinformation from all sides is an issue, and yes, while there is a bias as pointed out against 'none mainstream media', it does not take away from the fact that completely non vetted free speech can allow whole disinformation campaigns, shifting social narratives and all sorts, and we the consumers have no idea who might be behind distributed information. I personally believe our only hope will be AI. It would have to be unbiased AI, purely created to fact check and act in appropriate ways when false information is put forth. Facts have to remain facts. If we all pick and choose our truths, our societies will fall apart through people experiencing differing realities, with everyone claiming their reality is the correct one. This can not work. We are already seeing a rise in extreme polarisation. It's only going to get worse if we do not find a fair and trustworthy solution, but then again, I honestly believe ASI is our only hope anyway. It's either going to destroy humanity, or it will benignly govern a species which has proven over and over again that it struggles with corruption, due to the proven fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ASI would be untouchable by any of that, which is what we need, considering we are heading into a future where absolute power, absolute surveillance, absolute control will become real (China is heading in big steps towards it already). Such power in the hands of any human or human group can only lead to disaster.

  12. It's probably because people like me starting watching him. Not because I think he is right sbout everything, but because he is insanely open and open minded. Does a great job relaying his thoughts and using information to backup his beliefs.

  13. Soooo… i'm 8 minutes in so far, and all i know is russle brand misinterpreted something that you skipped over….
    8 minutes in, almost no information 🙁
    I like the channel but i can't be the only one that thinks we should skip the first half of some videos

  14. Russel got it wrong…posted a correction THEN had the video censored. If Bitchute and or Rumble become truly viable, including the search algorithm, then I will NEVER visit youtube again…truth

  15. Ive wanted NOTHING more than an alternative to YouTube/twitter/tiktok, all these corrupt as fuck masive social media platforms that have done SOOO much damage to our country. BUT it will be sooo soooooo difficult for these platforms to take mainstream but it CAN happen. If BIG names took the leap and started moving over to these alternative platforms, it would slowly happen but eventually it COULD happen.

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