Youtube Bans Sky News Australia for “Disinfo” in Latest Brazen Censorship Move

Muh disinfoooo:


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  1. Sky news Australia was TRUTH!! I’ve watched them take down posts that I’ve made, directing people to information on other platforms within a couple of minutes of posting!! YT is afraid that the sheep will wake up to their communist / marxist direction they are trying to lead the country.

  2. It began with Alex Jones and the bans keep getting rolled out. The pendulum swing is going to be fucking legendary when it happens.

  3. Of course they did. I've known for a good while and others were starting to notice and comment on how fucked up it is that a news organization from Australia is more honest than any in the U.S. They have a right bias yeah, so what? At least they don't sit there and play propaganda ministry.

  4. Yes the media/tube is biased yada yada… nothin new, would be more helpful if you would discuss more about alternative news sites and/or what the fuck we should do to eject YOUTUBE from the public government supported internet infrastructure due to their monopolistic restraint of free discourse & trade (revenue defunding, etc)

  5. Americans have allowed children to run our media. Look at Facebook, they have promulgated misinformation (Hunter Biden) because it “hurt their feelings”. Grow up. If you want news, drop FB, Twitter and YouTube. Throw these children out of the sandbox.

  6. Sky News Australia is not like other make news network channels. They are BRUTAL! If you don't watch them, you should. Not everything, but they are the best of all the major media.

  7. Sky was going too hard against the governments lockdown agenda. They claimed Sky was the platform for organising the protests recently, which is not true as I never saw anything about it until it was over. Never think for a second Australia is a free society. It's just a veneer. They are trotting on the edge of totalitarianism presently. Steer clear. It's NWO first and foremost.

  8. We can't have the truth told to the people. I watch Sky News sometimes. I find them very accurate, but sometimes slanted to the right. They are very proffessional in their reporting.