YouTube BANS Trump Interview With Nelk Boys | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar comment on the decision by YouTube to take down an interview of former President Trump conducted by the Nelk Boys that had millions of views on the platform

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Skanda Amarnath:

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  1. Man, I'm not even a Trump fan. I don't like him. I probably wouldn't vote for him, even this next election despite my issues with the current administration but, when I see things like this I get so irritated. If you want to push people towards voting for Trump out of disdain for the current narrative, you're doing a great job by censoring him.

  2. Do politicians and the elite believe, maybe because they have successful parents and/or degrees from the most expensive universities*, that regular people have limited ability to discern truth and/or use logic? Or are they afraid that regular folk are actually capable of independent thought? Maybe the latter scares the elites more because if all regular people have all the facts they can come to different conclusions, and more worryingly for the elite, call the elite out if they misuse their privileged positions eg for stock trades! *Ivy League/elite universities etc that are 10x more easily 'gamed' by the wealthy (great neighbourhood and/or private schools, tutors, sports facilities, coaches, CONTACTS etc) and 100x more easily gamed by the uber wealthy (donate a new building etc).

  3. I still can’t believe that the official narrative is that Biden is the most popular president ever elected. More popular, with more votes than Obama. It’s unbelievable. No seriously is not believable.

  4. Question. What's the consequence of eliminating trust and faith in our democratic voting system? You 2 sound like whining fools pandering to Joe Rogans audience in a cowardly way.

  5. I saw the interview and taking it down actually helps it. It becomes more interesting because it was censored. The interview itself was just the usual blather, there were no real questions asked, they just let him babble incoherently for as long as he wanted. There was nothing significant said and nothing to be learned. It was a fart in the wind until YT made it into something by censoring it, lol.

  6. Now everyone repeat after me..” It’s all Putin’s fault “ “ we don’t have bio labs” “ we are telling the truth “…and don’t forget the flag please..

  7. Unfortunately and very sadly… There will not bea 2024 election. Does anyone really believe, I mean really believe that there will ever be another presidential election. LOOK WHAT "THEY" have already managed!!!

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