YouTube CENSORED the Senate! (ft. Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein)

In the middle of a pandemic, YouTube censored expert Senate testimony, highlighting a possible solution. A solution that countries around the world have deployed with overwhelmingly positive results.



This video mashup is for historical
and educational purposes, regarding
the state of censorship in America.

Do not take it as medical advice.

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Written by Matt Orfalea


  1. I have a friend in Florida and a friend in India, both who were told they were terminally ill, who used Ivermectin and recovered. WHY is this being covered up? Thank God in India they are using it more now. Why did my friend in Florida, after losing 3 family members in a month and on the way to losing her mother, have to have relatives from Colombia bring her mom Ivermectin and save her life? The LOVE of money is killing the world.

  2. Thank You again, Matt, for bringing important truth to WE THE PEOPLE.
    We are watching you, YouTube, and you will pay for your censorship and violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

  3. Leftist RATS "their" media an technocRATS are the biggest THREAT this Country and the World has ever faced !!! Nothing but 24/7 hatred lies misinforming us with misinformation !!! And worst of all, they lied and cheated to take control of our Country… like I said our Country and the World is screwed maybe forever.

  4. Great work Matt! I am a pharmacist and have never seen such an attack on a highly effective drug with such a great benefit/risk profile. Same with quercetin, Vit D, Zinc and other off patent, OTC or inexpensive drugs. Shameful. The only explanation is profit motive not a concern for the poor patients that may have God knows what minor side effects these drugs may have. F the double blind, placebo, crossover blah blah trials and their f’n p values and statistical geek speak.

  5. groan what a shit-tier conspiracy theory. Well, thank you for clipping that embarrassing segment from bret weinstein. Easier to understand now why he switch from biology to political punditry–with regard to biology he doesn't have a fucking clue lol.

  6. Thank you for making this. It may save the world. You should get on Telegram and reach out to me @theg3hq where there is a team of keyboard warriors with Dr. Tess Lawrie.

  7. The U.S. Government, with the help of Big Tech, is suppressing the truth about a PROVABLY SAFE and AFFORDABLE treatment for Covid-19 that has been used for DECADES… while simultaneously promoting EXPERIMENTAL vaccines making Big Pharma BILLIONS IN PROFIT despite PROVEN problems arising and ZERO long-term studies.

    If this is correct, and I believe it is, then this is objectively horrifying. This is an act of war by Western Governments against their own people in my estimation. I don't think this is being hyperbole. Burying a life-saving drug and elevating experimental drugs on such a large-scale is negligent homicide at best. We The People must stand up against this or we stand for nothing.

  8. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the media and government are all effectively mass murders and anti science, all to push vaccines, effectively to make money for big pharma and push vaccine passports. Disgusting

  9. This is why I support Matt on Patreon. Nobody else makes videos that are so provocative and of such high quality!! He is a true artist!

  10. If they hadn't suppressed the information on ivermectin, they would never have gotten the emergency authorization to jab people with an untested, unapproved injection, I won't even call it a "vaccination", and big pharma would have lost billions. I feel so sorry for the people who let these greedy devils poison them.

  11. In the UK a popular channel from Dr John Campbell has been very informative and impressive on the pandemic, including warning early, he's interviewed Dr Kory and has always managed to stay the right side of censors by sticking to the data.
    The channel also has brought forward arguments on vitamin D, kept a very open mind on the origins of the virus, and suggested the UK should shut borders to keep out the India variant early which they failed to do, which is why we are likely to delay full re opening for a month tomorrow.
    If we were recommending vitamin D (zero risk, potential benefits) and looked into ivermectin much earlier, who knows where we would be by now but there's a good chance in a lot better place.

  12. This type of censorship and control by Big Pharma is why the US needs to scrap it's for profit medical industrial complex. They aren't in the business of curing the sick, they are in the business of making money, just that simple.

    To take this even further, I remember listening to a Lex Freidman podcast that had Michael Mina on. He talked about a developed paper test for Covid, massively cheap and easy to manufacture. It could have been deployed throughout the US and people would've literally been able to test themselves almost every day for like 10 cents a day. We could've really put a huge dent in Covid with it. But no one, esp Big Pharma wanted anything to do with it because the PCR test was making them millions.

    How many lives and for that matter jobs, could've been saved had we been able to use things like this paper test and ivermectin at an extremely low cost. Simply put, a test you can take every day, with a solution that works miracles esp in the early stages of covid, would''ve destroyed it in the US.