Youtube Ends Dislike Counter to Protect Astroturfed Users, Mocks Those who Ridicule Them

Muh harassment. Muh mass dislike raids:


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  1. This is something I'm going to encourage the idea of and hopefully people will get ahead of these assholes. Since dislikes are going to go away, I propose people simply get into the habit of focusing on one comment to thumbs up that represents the mindset which we're seeing is world wide. The obvious choice is let's go Brandon. Given enough time, they WILL come for that and attempt to censor it via automation. So, perhaps LGB instead. However, I'd go one further. I'd suggest we play the leftist game and steal the message. What we should do instead is steal LGBTQ though memes which would basically prevent it from EVER being censored through automation alone. Let's get Biden to quit. Even the + can represent the globalists fucking up with western world. I'd encourage heavy meme cannon fire to get this to be a thing. The media would cover it and give it the Streisand effect because they simply cannot help themselves.

  2. I actually like this. These stats being public encourage groupthink/following the herd. See this on reddit all the time, the most relevant post will be downvoted to hell just because it has any opinion that goes against a group's grain. Could be something as innocuous as a valid criticism of a video game, if that sub holds that game in high regard, a few downvotes and others will hop on in a chain reaction and that relevant discussion will get buried.

  3. So instead of fixing their system to diminish the impact of such raids on small channels (maybe looking at engagement and previous like to dislike ratios, and holding an influx of dislikes larger than the channel's reach to see if the ratio holds long term), instead of improving their ability to deal with botnets and inauthentic activity; instead of doing any of that they remove an essential tool of feedback.
    Nothing fishy here. Not like anything important is going on in the world.

  4. The guy who they paid to announce this cluster, has shadow listed the word "dislike" on his channel.

    So clearly he's lost it at this point, even YT's chosen ones "dislike" this. Look it up on YT search bar. Also since when have they cared about smaller creators?

  5. If a Brandonist video gets 45,000 views and only 7 Likes, you can guess the number of Dislikes. Perhaps 45,000 – 7 = 44,993 Dislikes. They will have to create a "Meh" button. Come, Brandon, put your pants on and let's get out of here.

  6. YouTube strives to become TV for unknown reasons.
    They're getting rid of everything unusual and controversial and they don't want to have any debates.
    Like they allow videos that debunk the JFK and moon landing conspiracy theories but you can't find a single video of the arguments straight from the mouth of someone who believes in the conspiracies.
    YouTube wants to tell you what to think like some communist government.

  7. youtube leave chinese wumao shill's death threats, pedo videos and other crazy propaganda shit up but god forbid anyone sees how trash some lefty is by the voting of their peers.

  8. This is entirely because Google and YT have no other way to hide how much their ideological propaganda is hated by their user base. We all know it.

    We know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know they know we know they are lying. Yet they continue lying.

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