YouTube Enforcing “Thought Crime” Censorship

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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  1. I’m black, and i remember how this thing started. all about cracking down on far right wingers and racist people. but this is f*king crazy. Now they just after everyone who doesn’t have their policy.

  2. Why can't people see this? Censorship is far more serious problem than a dumb clown like Donald Trump. Now that Trump is out the rights so many people have given up are affecting everyone.

  3. We just need you Bernie guys and traditional dems on the MAGA side to go after the establishment.then argue about state vs private owner ship later the elites are destroying the USA trumps the guy Bernie is a push over shill who can’t stand up to no one.

  4. That’s what is wrong w the left they think they are super smart and everyone else is stupid, look how they treat black folks. They think they are the nanny of the world

  5. Come on guys,…after pulling off an electoral coup to capture the Presidency, cencorship obviously becomes a mandatory necessity.

  6. Suzie Wojcicki deleted those private videos while playing with her Youtube freedom of expression award and moaning, "I love you Joe Goebbels, I love you."

  7. The argument that censorship should be opposed because it could one day be used against the other side bugs me. It should be opposed because it’s fucking wrong.

  8. For all you jagoff, woke, better than everyone else Democrat voters that voted for President Potato-this is the government you voted for? Feeling like assclowns yet?

  9. First they will go after them, people you don't like and you will be silent and not defend their right to free speech. Then they will come after you. Where are you on their list?

  10. By the way, Rokhanna is a fraud and far from a real Economist, he thinks people can live off a $15 /hr. minimum wage in the Silicon Valley. You couldn't even rent a room for that much money in this area's low income areas, WTF? He's being groomed to be a "lib-neocon" & he's another cheap talking, FAKE Progressive.

  11. If Biden & Psaki have their way then CNN, Fox, & MSNBC should have their entire platforms taken away. It should be relatively easy to provide sufficient evidence of them pushing misinformation.

  12. What if this whole thing is some kind of billionaire candid camera where they are setting up social, political, and economic challenges for us to see how we react? I’m sure our sheepish response so far is a real hoot!

  13. With Trump we got establishment, media, and social media billionaires sensorship. Now we have all of those and government sensorship….nice vote people.