Youtube Hit Steven Crowder With TWO STRIKES And A Two Week Suspension, Democrats DEMAND Censorship

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  1. When you silence someone, you don't remove what they had to say, you only make everyone else want to know what WAS SAID IN ORDER TO BE SILENCED!

  2. Since you YouTube, FB, Twitter, IG, Google, etc., want conservatives out, I would 100% pay a subscription to an App where all these conservative journalists, and commentators CAN freely post without censorship. A roster consisting of Steven, Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Tim, Trump, shit even Alex Jones, and all of those I haven’t heard of.. a lot of us conservatives who opted out of social media only use YouTube for these guys anyway.

  3. Most of the people that complain about censorship wouldn't even be willing to permit squiggly lines to be drawn a certain way without needing to crack down on it. Alex Jones was one of the biggest public figures in recent memory to be banned. But few will ever stand up and those who do are too few in number and unwilling to move to where it is uncomfortable to live in order to survive. Because those are the only place people who likes censorship won't go.

  4. Guys, Susan wojcicki has a YouTube channel. I heard she had some very sickening and flag worthy content over there on her channel

  5. YouTube fucking themselves by kicking out their best media personalities is the best part of 2021 cuz maybe YouTube will fall now. Good job YouTube, keep on making your company fail every day.

  6. I'n Canada this week, a left wing leader of the New Democrat Party, Jagmeet Singh, called the Freedom Caucus lockdown protests far right extremism & white supremacy! Insanity

    Singh doesn't actually believe that, but is signalling to lib & NDP woktards, trying to demonize the freedom movement to keep hold of the authoritarian control they've been imposing

    The liberal & new democratic party are saying that peaceful protests in defence of our liberties is actually far right extremism now!

    They are trying to restrict our internet access claiming that speech online is getting dangerous. More like the facts shared online is dangerous to their hold on us & authoritarian agenda. Our liberal parties reject basic liberal values now and most people didn't even notice

    I did a little bit of research trying to gauge Jagmeet Singh's true political beliefs. I quickly discovered that he is banned from India as the Indian government intelligence agency says he is a Sikh terrorist!
    A terrorist?!? He has advocated for violence against India and so much more subterfuge and other links to terrorist organizations. Shocking stuff
    But, As with Trudeau's blackface hobby, our media hasn't covered any of it. Better politically to claim that it's all racist attacks.& Disinfo from their boogeyman: the far right and White Supremacist extremism, like a few dudes in Edmonton from a guy known as an actual extremist

  7. The fact the cyber attack was on gas and not authoritarians like youtube tells me it was the government.

    Imagine how easy it would be for them to destroy youtube with a cyber attack.

  8. Julian Asante is not a journalist… he’s a fence. He distributed stolen goods. If he wants a pardon, he needs to show up to testify, and negotiate a plea deal, like any other felon.

  9. The issue is…who gets to decide what misinformation is.?Who is the all knowing entity that makes this decision for all of us? We all have the responsibility to decide for ourselves. However, when you take away ones ability to hear opposing voices, it makes it more obvious who is speaking truth. You don’t silence the idiots.

  10. Call up companies that you see advertising on YouTube. Ask them why they buy from and support fascist organizations such as YouTube. Hit them where it hurts. The wallet.

  11. Tim you are a conservative. The left constantly change the definition of words so a conservative can be someone like you who believes in free speech, equality, etc. You are conserving what you believe in rather then bending to another's will, that's what liberals are today.