YouTube Host Silenced For Challenging U.S. Gov On Ukraine

For the first year or so of the pandemic, YouTube aggressively sought to combat what it termed “misinformation” about COVID and vaccines, demonetizing or even canceling channels that countered the prevailing narrative and orthodoxies. Now, however, it appears that the social media platform is shifting to foreign policy, and seeking to silence voices of dissent from the establishment line on imperialism, in particular the Ukraine War. One recent victim: rising anti-imperialist star Jackson Hinkle, whose channel was recently demonetized with little to no explanation why.

Jimmy and The Convo Couch hosts Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Fiorella Isabel discuss Hinkle’s silencing as well as their own experiences with online censorship.

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  1. youtube is a bite emty now with out convo couch and hinkle! ….. not many left you can depend on delivering critical analys … Grey zone and co, Richard Medhurt, , Duran, breaking through News some other but not many …. thanks for on great show Jimmy and co.

  2. Alex Christopherou’s channel has been taken down too for some comment he made eighteen months ago regarding the coof but it’s really because of his truth telling regarding Ukraine.

  3. Arent there any alternatives to present day social media ?? I cannot believe that someone has not created an alternative that doesnt silence those who seek the truth

  4. Down with censorship! Truth is, I think your guests are nuts if they believe Trump's Big Lie about 2020 or that January 6 wasn't an attempted coup. That said, I'd rather complain in a comment after hearing them speak than not hear them at all. That's what the censors don't understand. It's not just your right to say it, it's our right to hear it.

  5. This year, I got a FB ban for a 2017 post which linked a mainstream newspaper article to the original Iraq War. Who is even reading my posts from 5 years ago? I doubt people read my current ones. I've never seen a time where Americans give so few shits about foreign affairs.

  6. Hinkle didn't tell the "truth." His channel is blatant Putin propaganda. Never a critical word about the Russian invasion of Ukraine — only the West. But he shouldn't cry too much. The original Lord Haw Haw was hanged.

  7. This is what living under FASCISM is. Where MONEY rules and those WITH the money, conjured with mouse clicks, make the rules. Funny how that works. The WHITE WEST has gone on a 500 year long RAPE & PILLAGE of the world. THEY do not want the power they have to go away. They would rather destroy than take HUMANITY into the future.

  8. It’s amazing how they categorize and label, anyone who doesn’t go along with their standards or narratives.
    Am I not a Patriot because I don’t stand with our ‘fascist’ government?
    Am I an anti semite, because I don’t like supporting Israeli apartheid against Palestinians?
    Am I a ‘communist’ because I support Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Cuba’s dignity to stand against our imperialism?
    My country is not great. It never has been, and never will be. We lead the WORLD in corruption and corporatism! Sorry, but I don’t think that’s ‘great’. 😔✌️

  9. Alex Christoforou from the Duran just got banned for a week for something he said back in September '21 about the "kuh-rhone-uh" and he is also telling the truth about Ukraine.

  10. I guess glamorizing murder, rape and genocide the Russian army is doing in Ukraine is against the Youtube TOS. 🤷 Who knew?
    BTW. how much does daddy Putin pay for this channel?

  11. If you want a masterclass in never getting demonetized, and always being in the good graces of the powers that be on YouTube, just follow the duplicitous behavior of The Young Turks. They pretend to be progressive, but will always be the lapdog of the establishment. Speaking the unvarnished truth will always make you a target of the oligarchs. The true litmus test, as to whether you truly have progressive convictions, is if you are frequently threatened by YouTube, or any social media platform, with demonetization or outright suspension for expressing progressive views.

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