YouTube is an unfair platform that hates most creators and it’s getting worse, more evidence

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Written by Shadiversity


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  1. Well spoken my friend! A video like this was really needed. I've experienced a mirror image of this, but perhaps even worst, in the sense that Between April and May, I've published 12 videos, which is a lot for me. My general views, revenue and performance went literally down the drain. I'm only starting to see the first green check marks again on my analytics after months of constant grey down arrows, and I totally feel you. It's depressing, particularly when you have a family you support. I tried increasing the production quality, but that doesn't seem to do much. I've literally started to just try to increase the production quality for those who do watch, rather than as a way to try and beat the system. Hopefully views will return to normal soon for all of us.

  2. I sort of understand why they're doing it though, essentially because YouTube has been getting continuously flooded by content that should have expired – mostly reaction videos, newsfeeds and so forth that's mostly worthless two days later.

    On the other hand, there's been an almost complete collapse in videos worth watching. I almost thought people stopped making them, just turns out I never got a recommendation. It's annoying having to manually check my subscriptions for new videos.

  3. i have been watching you since you had 100k n i havent seen a shadiversity video pop up in my feed for months. the only reason i found this video was bc i said "what happened to Shad?"

  4. I think the midterms election is the main reason for this. They are desperately trying to influence people. And also the economy is in the shitter. They don’t want ad revenue going to people not pushing their BS.

  5. Shad – you should upload your next video at x2 speed – so we have to watch at 0.5 speed – then you'll get double engagement rates 🙂 – it actually works 🙂

  6. I confirm, I justed looked my youtube homepage, you're really recommanded on lot on my Swiss Youtube version.
    Could it be really country related ? I know the france youtube content validation team is really really really strict against many details on the content, as if overall youtube had no real "global rule chart" and that it's abit more local-law-ish style.

  7. The maths are all over the place. Sadly, not in Shed’s favour. He made a lot of errors and thus his conclusions are wrong.
    Example: a lower CTR with a higher watch rate means it has been promoted to MORE people who were looking for a POPULAR thing.
    1 million people are interested in that topic, all get the recommendation, 20k click on it, all enjoy.
    40k people are interrested in a topic, half get the recommendation, half click on it, all enjoy.

    Run the numbers and see why Shed is wrong @ 10:40 .

    And that is just the first error.

  8. I subscribed years ago to the channel of Ukranian singer Zlata Oglevich. I was recently looking for her songs and I thought Youtube had preference for Ukraine so I sought "Ukranian singer" because I did not remember her name or the song name, but I remembered I liked her music, and she did not show up in the search. And she is quite famous and she has been in Eurovision. So I had to go to through my subscriber list and found her channel. It seems Youtube does not support Ukraine, it supports specific people. And youtube even dare to suggest political content unrelated to songs.

  9. can confirm Shad. Ive been subscribed to you for quite some time, and its abysmal how little I see recommends for your channel. It used to be constant, your new content even your old content that I had already seen. this is the first time in WEEKS that ive seen one of your videos pop up. I thought you had just been taking it slow…

    also, how could I forget, thank you for all you do. Very educational. If it wasnt for you I wouldnt know about MACHICOLATIONS!!

  10. I love your videos, I am not always consistent when watching youtube, but lately I haven't been getting any recommendation or notifications on your videos. I was starting to think that you werent making videos anymore. Oh and I also have been subscribed to you for a long time with the notification bell.

  11. Lol, I've never paid much attention to the Recommendations 😅. I figured out years ago that it was crap. Long before it got as bad as it apparently is today. I exclusively use my Subscriptions tab. You know, the tab that has every video from every chanel you're subscribed to? Who would have thought that the best place to see every video from the channels you're subscribed to would be on the Subscriptions tab 🤔? Crazy talk.

    But seriously, I think the solution is pretty simple; just tell your viewers to ignore the joke that is the Homepage of YouTube and just use their Subscriptions tab. You WILL see every video your favorite channels upload (that is unless you've subscribed to tons of channels you don't care about and your favorite videos get lost in the mix). Seriously, the only time I've ever "missed" videos is because chose not to watch them because I was too busy and just picked up later. I've seen the thumbnail for every single video from every channel I'm subscribed to simply because I use the Subscriptions tab. It's not rocket science.

    With all seriousness; if everyone stopped using the Homepage and just used the Subscriptions tab, I guarantee you that views would skyrocket.

    True, perhaps YouTube might catch on eventually and remove it, or something, but until then, we might as well take advantage of the built-in solution 😅!

  12. The only video recently that was recommended to me was the Obiwan one. I only didn’t watch it cause I was at work. It didn’t get recommended again. You haven’t been recommended for months.

  13. YouTube is an Establishment controlled propaganda platform. Just like other alphabet apps. The suppression is even worse if you are a truther trying to talk about any of the "forbidden" topics… v2xx1ne 1njury, fl@t e4rth, 1lluminat1, st0l3n 3l3cti0ns, etc.

  14. I'm not a content creator but a daily browser , There is lot of great content but is becoming repetitive , I have exhausted the platform , It's great for entertainment don't get me wrong , how to fix things , how to build but yes so much violence and negative content that does Psycologically Impact you .

  15. You're not imagining it. I stopped seeing your videos in my recommendations until the lightsaber one but then no other videos. There's also a number of 40K, Modeling, machining, welding and woodworking videos I also no longer see in my recommendations ever anymore. It's not just the non-celebrity videos either. I don't even see the Adam Savage Tested videos I like to watch in my recommendations anymore. YouTube has clearly made the same decisions that MTV did back in the 80s where they are now only promoting videos where the owners think they can personally make more money from advertisers. Get yourself on Nebula.

  16. First they built him up
    then they just cut him down
    oh Errol, l would give everything.. just to be like him.
    (well, not so much now, because he's dead).
    it's been going on for ever, so sorry.

  17. Not saying you are not right. But, I never heard of you or your channel and was just browsing my feed and they populated you. So I am curious what the ratio is of them not pushing and viewers not clicking.

  18. Huh… I think they're turning you into a "grassroots" advertiser for Disney. They get a check from Disney to get people to talk about Starwars. They make sure you know "talk about Starwars or you won't get views."

  19. I am a guy from Germany, people often say we are impolite. The following isn't meant to be impolite, I just want to give my opinion, I'm not very good in making it "sound nice". Sorry.

    Youtube is a service to the viewers, and it's a way to show people advertisements. Content providers are needed to make users either pay for Youtube (I do, I don't like ads) , or to see a lot of ads so that YouTube can give money back to the content creators. What Youtube does is to do it's best to find stuff that people want to see, right now, so that they don't do something else. The old subscription system wasn't great for this, so YT changed it. Your subscribers need to "ring the bell" to be notified about every video you make. I do this for the channels I care most about, for others, I don't Obviously, many of your viewers don't do this.

    Frankly spoken, it's not Youtube's job to advertise your channel. You need to find your audience, need to make videos that people want to see. It's not that much different from a content provider on Netflix, you need to attract enough viewers. YT does pay you even for a smaller audience though, Netflix does not.

    I'm not a subscriber of your channel, but I did subscribe to other HEMA channels. I don't like your rants that much, in my opinion they are too long until they get to a point, so chances are slim that I would want to change that.

    It's your job to make content that people want to see. It's Youtube's job to show ads and collect money from the viewers and share it with the creators. They make the rules, they change it when they think they need to do it to expand their business, or to protect it from harm. If you don't like this, well, maybe you need to earn your money in a different way. Most of us would like to work in a better job, few people are able to really influence the rules they have to follow.

  20. I believe it… I have received no recommended video of / Shadiversity/ metatron/ skallagrim…. bunch of gun channels that I watch main being / Forgotten weapons/ I have specifically look for the content that entertains me. it been 6 month and just yesterday I saw a video of Shadiversity {Troy fight scene breakdown} .

  21. I've watched quite a few of your videos. Do you think the name of your videos are lacking? You griped about your fighting in space video but it's titles feet first. Just from the title alone I wouldn't think it's about fighting in space.

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