YouTube May Be Compromised by the CCP

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With multiple videos of mine being flagged as “unsuitable video game footage” through manual review, I decided to do a deeper dive into what is happening behind the scenes at YouTube.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. You've obviously got CCP insiders at YouTube tasked with hunting and sabotaging your content and or similar content. It's textbook autocratic counterintelligence level stuff guys. You'll have to fight it constantly because they won't let up until or unless something else requires their "attention" more.

  2. Yeah the CCP wumaos now have people from other CCP friendly countries like Malaysia flag videos or generally cause a nuisance for themselves. They will have western user names but have location in KL, Malaysia, etc. It’s an obvious sign the CCP wumao operations have been offshored.

  3. It's a demographics reality. Every western multinational looks at the US and sees 350 million clients then looks at China and sees 1 Billion potential clients. This is why all of this is happening. For profit. Ideology comes later (its the excuse to justify the acctions) .

  4. I ran into this issue on Instagram when I posted a fact about China. It wasn’t banned but I got a message prior to posting. This future sucks and everyone is too apathetic to care.

  5. I had about four of these CCP trolls attacked me the other day in the comment section of MSNBC. I left the comment that the CCP is still punishing Jack Ma for comments he made at a Tech Conference in 2015. Jack Ma was asked why he was opening so many incubators in China, his reply was… the Chinese people are just as Innovative as their Western counterparts but Communism punishes independent thought and rewards groupthink. I am giving the Chinese people a space where they can freely think and innovate.

    As a result, the CTP forced Jack Ma out of his own company Alibaba in 2019, and just two weeks ago the CCP annouced two weeks they will be investigating Jack Ma's ANT for possibly violating their corporate laws. Which is pure bullshit.

  6. May I recommend diversifying the platforms you put your content onto other sites like Rumble. We need competition in this space otherwise things will just continue to get worse. The only way that competition is going to grow is if creators like you don't limit yourself to just YouTube.

  7. Sam Walton the founder of Walmart must be spinning in his grave! America helped build Walmart. Remember when Walmart used to tout made in America? Have you noticed how that has been eroded it built them but it has now gone to the wayside. Now we find out Walmart is part of the communist party and their money laundering scheme! They manipulate their currency so they can bring cheap low quality items to Walmart. That pray upon us deplorable‘s and those of limited income. Now to find out they have become brazen by Tweeting poison and arrogance to continue to undermine the honesty and integrity of American elections. In Canada when companies undermine Canadian ideals and values the Canadians stood together and pushed back. One example (do your own research), the Heinz company. The Canadian consumer said hell no to you and then Heinz became a marginalized company while French’s has shown their dedication and that their values align with the Canadian people! The people of the United States of America need to vote with their dollar! If companies do not align with our values and ideals they need to be boycotted immediately. Let us join together Americans! Not one more American dollar to Walmart! I am so sorry Mr. Walton that your name and reputation have been adulterated. God bless America let us stand together! May God bless the United States of America!!

  8. I've been following all your channels since 2017 and this is the first video that's been pushed to me in a while. YouTube is definitely doing something with your channels. That's not right man

  9. I noticed this has been happening on Quora as well. Someone will ask a question that paints China (the CCP) in a negative light, such as "Why is there no international back lash against China for its treatment of the Uighurs?" and the question will get flooded with pro-China answers, or answers that deflect and redirect criticism towards another country. I rarely see any negative or critical answers about China, so I'm left to assume that such answers are flagged by these "Wumao" Quorans.

  10. the amusing thing is that wumaos have been choosing Western and even Indian-sounding names to make pro-CCP comments. It's so obvious and pathetic, it's funny.

  11. The flagged Manual reviews are done by Mechanical Turks, aka hired people from low income country's. YouTube do this to save money. They are supposed to review a high amount of videos every day and are probably paid per review.

    Either they don’t take their time to do a proper review of the flagged video. Or if you are unlucky enough you get a reviewer which are pro CCP.

  12. Don't you know that they employ a company from China to review videos so whilst your initial review may have been done by a western reviewer but can be redone by the Chinese company this is where you come unstuck.