Youtube Nazis Ban Rand Paul for a Week for Daring to Disagree About Mask Effectiveness

Shameful nonsense:


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  1. Silicon valley does not consider itself beholden to American laws… Silicon valley does not even consider itself to be part of the United States of America.

  2. There are so many vids giving obesity and fitness misinfo but that's cool too. By the way, obesity education should be our #1 priority, not fat acceptance or giving people food/money to get a vaccine

  3. Wouldn’t it be glorious when Trump wins again, if he goes after YouTube, Google, Facebook, sues them on behalf of the US government & fines them to oblivion & bankrupts them; be kind of fun to see federal agents raiding them just for fun ?

  4. Sorry, are we not talking about how bad Trump is? Who cares about modern political issues, Trump is not in office therefore everything is perfect.
    -Leftist logic

  5. That mask rule is the best thing ever, I was already wearing when living in Asia. You can conceal your identity much better this way, and just punch anyone that breaks your balls with no warning whatsoever and just leave the situation. Some great times we're living in trust me. Something you guys have to understand is that most of the most courageous and braverous men went head first to the past conflicts (WW II for exemple), and died there, so all the cunts who've tried anything to stay at the back have inherited of our countries, but this time is about to come to an end. The real people will soon take action and all bitches will be remembered

  6. Hell I was not only banned but they took down TWO of my channels which I don’t download anything I just make comments on the B.S. the left has been food feeding everyone…so this is my third channel and I’m sure it won’t be long before this one goes bye bye…I find it sickening that a so called American company having these platforms and I agree I’ve put other things on rumble and getting ready to create new channels on there…. And Rand Paul IS doctor and a great American and I hope he moves over to rumble and the others….

  7. Youtube are Delirious Marxist Fascist Tyrants, who would stop at nothing trying to brainwash their crowds.
    Delusional for they believe it will redeem them in the eyes of the Marxist left… How wrong they are, time alone will tell.

  8. If I remember correctly Dr. Ohlsterholm who has worked at the CDC and NIH since the 80s. He was on the team trying to figure out and combat AIDS. Recently stated that the cloth masks don't actually do much and the N95 would be most helpful.

    We already knew that though and if you have any doubts then look no further than the maskquarade of the elites who only adorn thy holy cloth mostly for optics.

  9. I'm an old man. Watching the speed at which the United States is descending into authoritarianism is very sad for me. I see no chance of recovery at this point. Hope I'm wrong.

  10. I remember Trump wanting to get 230 revoked – but the RINOs didn’t back him, didn’t think it was important. He was right again