YouTube Pick a Side Explained

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  1. As a french I'd like to tell Susan wojaksky that if i wanted to hear about the nice attack i would have watched TV but if i wanted to think about something else than maybe my friends and family dying i would have watched Minecraft vids or memes or something like that

  2. Getting rid of Susan is useless. There are hundreds of thousands of Susan clones ready to step up to fill the void if she is deposed. The rot goes to the core of the synthesis of corporate-government internet.

  3. Stifle anything related to going against the agenda. Which apparently is the wheel of comorbidities on a global scale til your card is pulled. Luckily, they aren't the ones whom have to pay for the results. Hey..what about the science says this is a good idea? screeching begins

  4. Notice how often the black depictions by white corporates often portray black people in either a highly insulting "urban" culture or a ludicrously middle class turtle neck wearer that represents almost no black people anywhere.

  5. The Fact that people STILL think YouTube is, "Substainable, and on your side", need their brain evaluated. They keep doing this shit day after day, they Riot, they, "oh well 'fix' it" then they shut up, rinse and Repeat.

  6. Halfway through this video the 'anyway' count is only 2. The 'anyway' rash may be clearing up. The 3rd 'anyway' doesn't count because it wasn't used in the sacred manner. The 4th one is legit though. The 5th 'anyway' connects nicely with a 'moving on.' The 6th one is proper. 1 'anyway' gets snuck in at the last minute but this is still just a Single-digit sacred word count video.

  7. The worse part about nu-youtube is when your innocuous comment just magically disappears. At least on twitter and facebook they'll tell you why the comment was deleted, but here it's just down the memory hole. It's literal thought-policing.

  8. she wasn't lying about 2016, but you know it was really Trump and Brexit that were their biggest concerns, terrorism was just guaranteed advertising revenue from MSM channels for youtube. You could say her real response was "it was 2016 with the truck of peace that I realized how much money there was to be made off of msm fear porn and how limiting it being shown on other channels means the MSM get more views and so give us less negative opinion pieces. But it was also 2016 that we in the globalist establishment realized we had to clamp down on the narrative after 2 such major losses".

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